Base wiped and account suspended

As an advance pvp player I have always avoided private servers because of admin abuse,
Spending 99% of my 180 days played on official servers… now I have experience the same abuse on official server 7100 as my base was deleted without warning for reasons unknown. I have not blocked spawns, cheated , exploited, under meshed, or committed any infarctions to my knowledge . Furthermore my account has be suspended for a unknown duration… I can only assume that people are abusing the report option to simply have you delete all of a clans progress because they are outmatched or have lost a fight to them previously. This goes against the entire build and conquer mechanics in Conan exiles. Now how am I expected to not repeat the same mistake and have my base deleted again when I have no knowledge of the infraction I’m being accused of?
Clan name Deicide
Player name Smokinghost1958

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You can request ban information through zendesk .

You should also familiarize yourself with the official servers terms of conduct.

Good Luck!


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