Based on the desire for a lot of action, even though it is singleplayer

Coperative Mission with Multiple Allied NPCs (Conan and others)

  • Note: (Conan is on the mission or not)
  • A DG that brings together several allied NPCs
  • A more open and direct aria. (For action)
  • 4 or more bosses fighting together (at the end of the DG)
  • Boss with the same health bar (linked) Or only one boss suffers damage until everyone dies. (Preferably only you could get close)
    On the way several monsters. (more than normal - to balance.)
    Allied NPCs would not die, but would fall. (Some would die)

(Upon accepting the mission)

  • Prohibited followers
  • Without keys
  • possibility of escape.
  • In the escape loses all weapons (would break when passing through the barrier)
  • Mission performed once a day. (Or with a reasonable time for the next one)
  • Mission seeks the unknown treasures
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