Basegame NPC's all teleporting to 1 location

Kinda sorta in the same boat here. I’m waiting for the inter-server transfer so I can enjoy the best of both Exiled Lands and Siptah, without having to deal with the parts that I don’t like :stuck_out_tongue:

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This thread has gone rather far afield, but I would like to say that the mobs teleporting to a central location bug is actually my favorite Funcom/CE bug. Going there and fighting the huge random assortment of teleported mobs is a hella fun activity, kind of like a megapurge. :slight_smile:

Our server is completely broken. Mobs just teleport when you try to kill them. Now mobs are dropping in at our hub nowhere near the zero point. The zero point is littered with mobs and dragons and bosses and the server is now lagging horribly. This is completely game breaking how isn’t there a fix for this? Our server is BROKEN.

If any of the Devs would like to come to my my server I will give you FULL ADMIN ACCESS and FULL ACCESS to the backend so that you can figure this out. 100% complete access if it helps you FIX THIS. Contact me for for the information.

Really hoping it gets fixed, it’s getting somewhat annoying on every modded server.

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Again an update and no fix, wow months this is going on and its not important enough to fix, to busy with their new pet map. So tired of the base map just being tossed a side ruins the game and is just NOT important enough to fixes, no we who PAY for servers do not need fixes no just leave it a few more months I guess.

I said in the beginning of this thread that we would be waiting a looooooong time and got told I was an idiot…I guess even a broken clock is right now and then?

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Personally, I enjoy this bug. :slight_smile:

if anyone at funcom needs more insight on this issue, please contact me. I would be happy to help in any way that i can to figure out a fix. I have had 8 months of experience with it =/

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I think most of us played around with this bug, or have run in it by accident.

I know point 0.00 is also a thing in other game on UE, for example ARK.
If i open my console while set to admin, target the sky, and write “Teleport”, i’m spit out here to.

This kind of thing may also happen to our dear NPC’s and thralls, i imagine. Why, and what triggers it, still bit mysterious yet.

I am Admin of a Servercluster with 4 maps for Conan Exiles. (Exiled Lands, Siptah, Savage Wilds and Sapphire Exile) The players are able to transfer ingame from map to map. All I can say the 0.00 Bug affects only the Exiled Lands map. I didn’t get any reports from the other maps about a similar issue.

It effects all maps. And the more populated the server, the worse it is. My savage wilds server averages 40-50 players and players can barely make it through a fight without the mob they are fighting disappearing to 0.0 especially with the longer, more difficult fights. Exiled lands is only slightly less so, with an average of 30 players, etc… The bug seems to be worsened by ranged attacks, when the mob loses sight of what it is fighting and cant attack back, it gets sent to 0.0. This bug is strongly dependent on how populated your server is, how many mods you have and the ms and fps. Servers with lower population wont see the issue as much, but I assure you, it is still there.

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Yes, i know, it’s related to some lag, and like you said population on the server, and overall server stress.
I imagine at some point the game consider the npc lost or out of the world, and spit it back inworld at point 0.00.
Also maybe the fight against undermeshing doesn’t help. But like mentioned, saw this in other games to, ARK can act in similar ways, and send some dinos your chase to 0.00.

Well I only have 3 playing on private server at moment (rest tired of changes and crap ) but it is happening to us also and it is happening on both the base map and the Savage wilds map, so frustrating to pay for a server to play a still broken game and yet again still no fix in this 2.4 patch.

I haven’t had a chance to test this patch yet since it’s going to take most of the day and night to complete this download via satellite connection (God forbid foul weather interrupts my connection) but last Saturday while my friend and I were in game on a private, rented & unmodded server, about G9 … we stumbled across a sabertooth cat making its way toward the lower right side of G9. (As if it were migrating). A bit later while going through that lower right side of G9, I ran across a rather large mob of sabertooth cats, serveral dire wolves and an undead wight all having what seems to be a disagreement.
This was very close to the spawn point of that one King Elk in that area. Needless to say, I suspected this unusual phenomenon was associated with one of the updates. Which one specifically, I don’t know but others here have apparently kept track of when this began happening.

Let me assure you, it has nothing to do with mods.
The issue lays squarely on the update that caused this.

I don’t believe having the programmer drawn and quartered is going to fix this. I would probably recommend a flogging and cutting them off of the coffee room for a week. Although it’s extremely odd for something this unusual to occur, I found it almost funny having seen it for myself. No, at least the one sabertooth we encountered was “migrating” to the area. (edit: Now that I think about it, we saw this happening twice).
Now exactly where it initially spawned, I have no clue. But it definitely wasn’t teleporting. I don’t know about the rest of them, but I’m taking a wild guess that my friend and I missed out of the migration party before we arrived up there.

Well, until this odd migration pattern is rectified, I think my friend and I are going to pull up stakes near the breech and find a different, more peaceful, less traveled area.

We were supposed to meet up this Friday night, but due to this update, our meeting is going to be unfortunately postponed until she can get her client updated as well. … which is going to take an overnight event.

Crom … I spit at you.

This is still a problem on our server.
We have mods on and playing with Exile Lands.
We most see it when the server have +10 players on.
Is there any fix for this? Are Hosav’s mod still working?

Hey all,

Quick update:
Thanks to all of you who’ve sent us your information and databases. We’ve finally found a 100% reliable way to replicate this issue and a permanent and hopefully final fix for it is being developed at the moment. We aim to include this fix for 2.4.2 if QA verifies it is working as intended and not causing any additional issues.



Thank you Ignasis, this is good news!


Great news for some servers ! Thanks !

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Hey everybody,

Today’s patch should finally address this issue:

Thanks once again to all of you who helped us track down this nasty issue and shared your databases and servers with our team.
Let us know if this issue is addressed for you after updating to 2.4.2.