Basegame NPC's all teleporting to 1 location


Still an issue, alongside the dropping through the world and being unable to continue to fight creatures/mobs :confused:

Just a hand full of players on the server and things are still going to 0.0.0

This should honestly be a priority due to it being a (pretty much) game-breaking bug.

I guess since this has been going with no action by Funcom for so long it’s time to leave a negative review on Steam. Sucks to because I was about to buy the Isle of Siptah but I’m not going to if half the things you work hard to kill end up just falling through the floor.

I fully encourage everyone to voice this on the steam feedback. It may actually get them to act.

To everyone here, I know not all of you use the RemoveCursedWall mod, but for some reason it can invalidate NavMeshBounds in both vanilla and modded dungeons, this can cause any NPCs in said dungeons to fall through the dungeon, and if parts of the map are not loaded or in certain dungeons they will fall to the safety volume below the map and get reset to position 0,0,0. So this is literally what is happening. ( I have had confirmation that Sky Island can also cause this issue, so beware)

For those that do not use that mod, beware of any mods that edit the world as they can cause this issue depending on the way they do it.

It is always recommended to follow the guides provided by Funcom or the modding community, that was approved by Funcom, especially when it comes to things like the map.

That said, the issue may still be caused by other sources and it does not always seem to be related to one mod. I would urge Funcom to keep looking into it, as well as server owners trying to remove mods then looking for results, and if you get results from removing a specific mod, post it here so Funcom can see.


I made a temporary fix mod, that is just a sort of bandaid to the issue, it’s not an actual fix to the main problem, but rather a fix to the endless dump of mobs in the middle of the map.

Take a look here :

Also, yes I know I am a true artist! :kissing_heart:


Many NPCs returning home from 0.0.0 to their Spawnpoints with this mod. Thank you so much Hosav.


Update: After the last update early evening we have noticed, its so much better. Server Ping is decreased and the Server FPS are much better than before. Nearly all NPCs, who despawned from the world to 0.0.0 are returned home or if falling through the ground, were killed by the mod. We are very happy for this temporary Solution from Hosav.


Kind of amusing that a modder can solve the problem fairly easily it seem but funcoms response is that its too difficult…explains alot about the bugs in the game.

Hosav didn’t solve it, he magically provided a workaround, nor did I ever see where FC said it was too hard.

Hosav has an excellent understanding of the game and modding through study and experimentation, and is highly regarded.

Try reading his post again.




lol to the rescue!!! point is it fixes it …you guys make me chuckle

I wish I could say the same.

Point is, it doesn’t. Kudos to @Hosav for making that mod, but even he is quick to point out that:

  1. It’s not a solution to the problem, it’s a workaround that can help stabilize the server.
  2. It could result in a lesser problem, i.e. the server is not getting bogged down anymore, but you might end up with a bunch of missing NPCs.
  3. It hasn’t be properly tested.

All of the above is clearly stated in the mod description:

Could Funcom have done this? Definitely. Would it have been a proper solution? Ask Hosav what he thinks. Would people be thanking Funcom if they did this? Take a wild freaking guess.


My point is still valid because pretty much every bug in the game is “fixed” with a work around by some player or modder untill funcom “fixes” it…and who knows what the forums would say I have a feeling it would be a mix of yelling and thanking. My comment wasn’t a snarky comment…simply a factual observation on my part. no need to get your hackles up

Yeah it’s not a fix to the root cause, just a temporary solution, because I think that the issue is probably related to some NavMeshBound things / some improper AI interaction with it and that would probably have to be looked at by Funcom, as there would be no way for me to fix that issue itself.

It’s something I threw together quickly because while I have never personally experienced this issue, I see a lot of people asking on Discord about it, where I even have this forum post pinned, and it really sucks that people have to deal with this, so I am happy to help in any way I can.


is there a certain order it must be placed ? and thanks for the temp fix

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No, should be fine anywhere on the list, does not edit any vanilla camps or anything. I will also be placing a net at the 0.0.0 location (in the sky, not ground), just in-case they somehow still get thrown there.


So here we are still waiting for an update on the progress for the fix of this problem. It’s been three weeks since your last update into the issue.

Huge shoutout to Hosav for helping find a solution to the problem for us. It’s a pretty sad day when mod developers have to make mods that help alleviate the problems and bugs because the original developers have yet to do anything to fix the root problem.

I was hoping that with Funcom being bought out by Tencent that we might have some fires lit under the developers butts to cleanup some of these problems that have perpetuated for so long. There’s such an avid community of players who love this game and are loyal to it, would be nice if the developers showed some loyalty to the players by fixing the issues we have been asking for help with for the past 6 months - and for some issues YEARS. We know you can do better than this. What’s the hold up?

Thank you Hosav, everything you do is amazing! Look forward to implementing this later today.

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I am still hoping for a fix from Funcom on this matter - especially since not every server wants to implement a new mod (nor should we have to!)

i agree wholeheartedly @weatheredmachine. I truly hope that funcom does not shove this even further under the carpet due to hosav’s temporary work-around.

Thank you for your hard-work and time, Hosav. A temporary work around is better than nothing for now. Hopefully now Funcom will step-up and fix the problem fully. Their game breaking fix should not be from someone’s mod… I too hope this won’t get just swept under the rug.