Bases as Dungeons

It seems like Conan Exiles could pretty easily support having player bases be more like Dungeons and making the builders more like the dungeon masters. I have always constructed my bases as a dungeon maze or puzzle that raiders will have to overcome. So far, everyone just uses a trebuchet or explosives or avatars to destroy the base en-total. Still, by using some existing structures you can force raiders into a short dungeon crawl. However, it seems the challenges are too easy to overcome, so far anyway. But overall, wouldn’t players have more fun in raiding if they had to solve a dungeon rather than just firing a tebuchet, etc.?

So, dungeons have traps, guards, and relatively indestructible sections. Possible traps are like spiked pits, collapsing walls, thrall rushes. Like I say, I can take some of the ruins around Exiles and sort of force a dungeon crawl through it, but Conan Exiles offers limited tools. It’s more like you evaluate the ruin for possible mazes, traps, and thrall attacks points. I am sure they give raiders a few “ohh noooo!” moments. Anyway, giving player bases more Dungeon-like abilities would add depth and story to Exiles.

If you have private server, (ps4 anyway steam might be able use family account)

Log in on 2nd PSN, make a base outside of clan, Let friends raid it, go thru tunnels etc. Its what we use to do.
One person would be in/on roof/rafters in raid/dungeon spawning stuff and watching over it. =3

Many modded server have dungeons, created by players, and changing over time.
But it’s mod related, yes.

But there plenty of possibilities. Stiil hard to make a building system that include this, and is fiting to all communities and playstyles. Mods are modulable, and you can use them or not in this or that combination.
I know all don’t like use mods, or able to do so. Still, actually one great possibility to create more content, variation, and personal fun.

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