Bases destroyed by admin on 3201

So all of our building pieces were destroyed by an admin. Would be very nice to find out the reason for this, is it possible? We had a big base which was raided twice a week. Have the raiders filed reports because they couldn’t find any loot or what’s the deal here? If the base was too big, Funcom should limit the pieces so something like this wouldn’t happen. We don’t build nearly as big as many other clans so this is just ridiculous.

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Apply a ticket here.
In the forum you ain’t going to get an answer for your problem.
It is some time now that the rules has changed and Zendesk is the tool to address your issues not the forum.
If you need help for the new rules I can surely guide you for this too, yet it ain’t going to be difficult to find them on your own too.


You should read these posts more carefully. I’m not looking for the answer HERE, i’m asking if there’s a possibility to even get an answer to these things from Funcom. It seems they don’t really care to address issues so i was just wondering if it’s worth it even to try. The rest of the post is just general wondering of the situation and attempt to get somekind of discussion going. I am also aware of the rules, and that’s the reason why i’m a bit confused. The only thing that could break the rules is the size of the base but ours isn’t nearly as big as many of the others so once again, a clear limit should be placed to prevent these situations.

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Yes, you can ask by submitting a Zendesk ticket, like stelagel said.

That is not a real solution because size alone is usually not a decisive factor. It is not how much you have, it is what you do with it.


You cannot imagine how many times I listened this excuse…
They ain’t gonna ban me I have a smaller base…
THIS is your greatest issue gentlemen, you look size…
Read and try to understand this small example if you want to make a favor in your self…
In a street that the speed limit is 80 km/h, because some guys run with 200, or 300 that doesn’t mean you can run with 120 :man_shrugging:.
Yet in streets the thing is very simple, so you can easily create limits, in this game IT IS NOT.
Limits will put boundaries to creativity too and other things that I cannot explain because I am no expert, either the voice of Funcom, I am a plain player like you, still…
I never get banned years now and I builded more than you can imagine in official servers…
Yet, when I understood that I crossed lines I took care things on my own, I didn’t expect someone else to do it for me and come here to ask why? You know why, so either send ticket either wait, yet nothing will arrive here, because “here is not the place anymore”.
Suit your self, cheers

What @stelagel said is actually correct. You’re not going to get an answer here, not even to this question:

Funcom – if they answer – will direct you to Zendesk, players will tell you not to have high hopes, and that’s as good as that gets on these forums.

There are several discussions about that already in progress. They haven’t really been extremely productive, but it still might help you to read them instead of starting another one.

How do you know that’s the only thing that could break the rules if you’re trying to find out the reason why your base was destroyed?

In fact, as others have already pointed out, the size itself, on its own, is not what the rules are about. Building limits would not solve the problem you – and many others so far – have run into.

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and tomorrow after restart u are ban for 2 weeks :stuck_out_tongue:

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@Koschgine Join the club. There’s a thread open ( for now) you can read thru and add input. Build limit isn’t the answer it’s the vague rules/ poi’s that’s getting people dev wiped as far as I know. I wouldn’t expect to much information from funcom.

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This thread will be closed so I’ll say it again.

Hire @Nightwatch if you want to fix all the hacks and make many pc players happy.

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