Bases gone or partially gone after update

I finally got my server online yesterday evening and joy. Bases and buildings were gone, or only partially there. Not only my personal bases but bases for a lot of the players. I have seen nothing mentioned anywhere about this problem. Is this a thing only on a few servers or is it something that got borked with the update…Inquiring minds…etc.

Are or were you perchance running any mods on your server?

Did you use any mods when building your problematic bases? If they have stopped working after the update, which happened with many mods, your bases might have been affected.

Yes, there are mods on the server.

Then I am quite sure it’s mod-related. This update has invalidated many (all?) mods in a serious way, and they will all need to be updated before you can start the server again.

All of my mods have had updates…Which is why my server didn’t come online until 5 pm last evening. Well it is what it is. Thank you for the response. It’s appreciated.

hope you have a backup then :confused: you could do a rollback and try updating the mods.

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