Bases shows up as Owner: 2312312340502535 (JUST RANDOM NUMBERS)


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Game mode: Online
Problem: Bug |
Region: EU

So on the server we play on wich has its own discord , there has been several reports about bases showing their owner as a ton of random numbers. but when you break in and look on bed or body it actually has a name and you can see it on player list. but when walking up to bases it just says a ton of numbers. Happens quite frequently to me as well

Repro steps:


I’ve seen a couple bases like that as well in official server 2808 USA


Yep seen this loads on eu xbox pvp servers


Have a base on 2728 with a very similar name type …there’s quite a few i think.


All bases show up like that.
Seen it on my Own Server.


Funny, I’ve seen this as well. I thought it was just some idiots name.


Found out today after a conspiracy on ourserver I would say blow your way into ALL OFF THEM!!! found 1 player from our alliance using a 3rd party and a alt account to attack players while having a numbers base to cover his tracks and his main name in a alliance when we went to the base in question of conspiracy and started knocking the base changed to a numbers base and it was a numbers base previously


Ive seen several base’s like this too, but the weird thing is they are all built the exact same way which is why i always thought it was the same person.They always had a excessive amount of windows. Maybe it has something to do with people with no clan?


These v
Bases have ppl with no clan it’s there gamer number


Yep it’s a random generated name for people with no clan usually like 223455231 or similar


no idea but you could try to check with a repair hammer if a name pops up.


I believe the number thing is shown if the player has not logged in since the sever reset for the day. It seems to be the pattern I have found when roaming past bases when I know who the owners are. I find this more for the solo players and not as much on the clan bases.