Bases vanishing on 1501

I logged in today to find that my castle that has been standing since 2018 disappeared. Only a few scattered foundations remain, all saying they have no owner.

Apparently someone else’s base also vanished today as well, though not as entirely as mine did. Different clan, different area of the map.

  • It did not decay - I logged out from inside it and everything else I own across the map still stood fine.
  • It was not purged - my purge meter was still full and I later got my purge at a completely different location.
  • It was not attacked - 1501 is PvE.
  • Event log isn’t helpful. It doesn’t hold enough messages to get to what happened first before being filled with thousands of items losing stability.

I don’t expect I’ll get anything back, but now players on 1501 are worrying that anyone’s base could disappear at any time for no reason.


Oh no, sorry for your loss :frowning: You are known to the community and I have no doubts that your report is legit.

Something must have changed, I have a few roofs randomly deleted on server restart even though they have 70 stability as per the tooltip but this is a lot worse. These bases vanishing seem to happen a lot more often after the last 2 updates. Hope Funcom will be able to identify what causes this issue and patch it in a hotfix before more players lose their work.

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