Basic abilities question

OK i played the old game and i could see having a basic slotted. But in this game with only six slots it to seems like a wasted slot. And why only basic for primary with this setup? Would love to hear from Funcom on this.

Depending on how fast you run out of energy/how much energy your other abilities use, there’s a use for a basic ability. Especially in longer battles.

Basic is kind of “fueling the energy” when you run out the Energy. Like P-girl said, you need it for longer fights, like in Scenario boss fights etc.

So it becomes important at end game?

I found myself using basics all throughout the game. Might be build dependent though.

Yes and no. At endgame fights are longer so you risk running out of energy but also as your gear gets better you get more energy from scoring critical hits. Think of a build in SWL as five abilities and five passives and the basic is just there in case you need it - it’s not taking a slot that you could use for something else.

It would be nice to be able to choose your basic from either weapon rather than just mainhand though.

What everyone else said, you need it to regain energy later on. Some other nice uses for it are to slot you basic AoE attack there and use that to help clear packs of mobs. It can have some synergy with your weapon mechanic as well, for say pistols you use it to proc matching chambers, or to get over the hump and get enraged on hammer.

Also keep in mind that your gadget is functionally a 7th ability, and most utility skills in SWL are much more powerful than TSW utility skills, it ends up balancing out.

Or using a shotgun MH (Odds and Evens is too good to pass up)

With a lot of weapons you can use an AoE basic and single target power moves to control scenarios better without losing the ability to burn bosses down fast.

In dungeons half my attacks are basics, that’s how quick I burn through energy. (and I have like 30% crit)

because you are dumb. And you could forget your auto-attack skill and when all your energy is out you could die and blame FC and SWL for that.


(P.S. was discussed since the start, no response)