Basic errors,Sincerely this game, a faint weak Beta still

Game mode: [Online |
Problem:The slaves can not be controlled when I set up for a monster track, but it does not follow when I leave. If I do not get out of my base then I’ll be jamming and then I can find it, but I can not find it any more. The dancer is the one who fights if he likes it, but then he attacks the bush, the others do nothing. It would be good if you could get rid of tracking, you could be passive, defensive, attack everyone to give commands to him.

The slaves can not be pulled in water because they are disconnected, the best when they sneeze, flee, etc.

You can not get a slave for a building because you’re falling into the building !!!

There is a lot of flashing graphic error, I often miss the character of my character, the armor on my ankle slips, and so on.

I personally PickAxe can not brimstone mining, do you know who that is how it is?

If I die, I need to log in to find my body and collect my stuff.

Sincerely this game, a faint weak Beta still

Region: [Hungary]

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Steps on how to reproduce issue:

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here we look for solutions, debugs, and try helping people. If you’re here just for winning, best you join the steam-forum, you will have plenty listeners there !

Good day !

Can’t handle the truth?
Blob is telling it like it is.
Steam dumped everything here.
This is why I am closing my private server till they get this game up to snuff.
In about year or so.

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Don’t count on it. I’ve seen some of these bugs in the game during early access for more than a year now!


Sad to say Jiroc but I would not be surprise.


Pickaxe still not harvesting brimstone.
Purge meter full at login.
Fish and honey empty.
Still closing server In 1 week.
Quit playing 5 mins after logon