Basic options in Conan - still missing after 3 year

One simple thing: You are celebrating 3 years of your game - Conan. But… this is still a game without ONE, BASIC OPTION: SELL - BUY - TRADE!!! In this game it’s impossible to do it with someone!

Guys, we have 21 century! This is basically option from ANY GAME. Economy and market does not exist in Conan Exiles.

Second thing: Pet and thrall system…

You should speak with team from “ARK Survival Evolved” to know, how to make a GOOD system to using PETS/THRALLS. AI is just stupid. You don’t have any options on “fantastic circle menu” (another great idea - remember it’s work ONLY on consoles NOT on PC - One of THE MOST NOT USEFULL things in Conan) to stop Your Thrall/Pet, when it’s near You and You are planning to attack something/someone, because they are just stupid and will attack it, before You, exactly against Your will. Something like a command “STOP and DON’ DO IT WHEN I’M ATACKING DOES NOT EXIST”. It’s should be just a whistle… Guys, c’mon… do it better.

Breeding it’s without any sense. You don’t know: how to do for -> eg. breed a horse with +2 to Vitality, because You have only information about… chance. So You will find a fast foal, using a bark to get bigger chance on stat, which You would like to have and… You will get +5 to HP - because F*ck You. This option should be corrected immediately as Selling/buying/trading.

Why the player could not receive a few points per level to rise any kind of pet/thrall stats?

Another great idea? Of course! Crafting system: The menu it’s just without sense. It should be something like “main folders” with semi categories. For eg. Tools folder (main): tools only from all styles or Armors (main folder) -> Light armor (semi folders: all styles from light)/Heavy armor (all styles from heavy) /Mid armor (-//-) /Other.

And ■■■■■■■■ -> Why it’s IMPOSSIBLE TO SEE Armor/Weapon stats BEFORE CRAFTING?! It’s another the MOST STUPID thing… THIS IS basically OPTION in ANY OTHER GAME!

On the last a few things:

  1. Seriously? If You have 20 potions in Your pockets on the beginning… You can’t move. If You wanted to make a game with realism, why for eg. t1ts are so big? Did You ever had in Your hands 20 small potions? Let’s check the weight… please…

  2. Religion: It would be nice to receive something more, than … few potions from Gods. Gods should give for eg. Buffs or enchants for weapon after few quests (not easy quests). Good idea is any kind of God’s fury, because You will be praying to more than 1 or two Gods. And extra bonus for loyalty? But please, not another pair of pants. Maybe buffs for pets of special for thralls?

  3. Let people have a shield in one hand and weapon in second, when they are on horse.

  4. Create an option: if You have a torch in one hand, you don’t have to extra push a button with this torch to hide it, because You would like to have a weapon in the same hand.

  5. Players can create a guild. But what is the sense of this guild, if there’s no option to create a PARTY, WAR or ALLIANCE? Guilds are without profits and sense. Please do not forget about limited space on servers/guilds.

  6. Maybe a Human Relationship? It’s will be very interesting option. For eg. in Lineage II if You have husband/wife, you had an option “fast travel” to them.

Something like this will be good.

You really would like to create a game, to connect people, let them having fun together, but… those options are are mutually exclusive.

In my opinion, Conan Exiles is not fully developed. Definitely. You should spend more time, to give us those options. We don’t need at this moment new weapons, locations, maps… because after few days this game is… just boring. The main reason is, that we have nothing to do, only building a new bases ;/. It’s not a challenge. After lvl 60 Conan Exiles offering nothing.

You shouldn’t be mad on people, because a lot of them would like to play in Your game. But, if You really want to make bigger money, which you deserve, the solution is only one: FIX this game and then, celebrate.

If you need someone with ,fresh ideas" I’m pretty sure, that I’m able to help You and I’m ready to change this game on better game. Now is like a driving car: but you totally forget to take a fuel.

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