Basic questions about ingame features

Hi, umm again, i dont know if i need to make bug reports or thats game feature now
( i play conan from end of 2018/start of 2019)
This info is for better understanding because well maybe that is meant to be changed… or still possible to bug out… or i dont know why it dont happen

  1. Wanted to ask about ‘‘sandstorm beasts’’

Visible thing : from ingame startup video, and how ingame admin panel reacts… those cats and sand ruins should be spawning in sandstorm while player is not under shelter stats (nearby him). Something like those creatures on siptah…
Reality : Sandstorm drains HP only and are kinda bugged and takes only one way path ( seems so) also no cats in sandstorm…

Q : Something is changed or thats bugged out and not fixed and created as feature,or that does not even existed in first place? Cause well sure talking about myself, but i would like to survive bigger sandstorm that travels all desert area with sandbeasts inside… + as bonus heat inside and in north snowstorm that gives freezing without correct armor and food or shelter…where ymir fighters spawns inside…

  1. Telith island

Visible thing : when u discover it, it says something about haunting island. I even remember LONG time ago dunno tho, if it was mod or no there was actual ghost on island…

Reality : Nothing is haunting it, only runes in stone that can be readed and get some info…No ghost nor haunting

Q: what happened to ghost?? Its now forever gone or what?

  1. Bridge of betrayal

Visible thing: I even remember the first time i went there i was running on ice that breaked, and i got instant frostbite even with armors, only firepits heated up…

Reality: Now i run from one ice to another, and ice is frozen forever i guess, nothing is breaking in for me and i barely getting cold with light armor, can sprint tru bridge from one side to other and survive…

Q: Ice is bugged , and frostbite?

  1. Mummy of ring

Visible thing : there is journey step that cant be completed ( by wiki only if purge summons undead horde…) but journey says something about amon and his guard. And also
‘’ When you placed the artefacts in the vessel, the Servant of the Ring was summoned to take them. You must defeat it!‘’

Reality : No mummy or artefacts or vessel are in game, only way is to on purpose build in undead purge zone and hope it will spawn…

Q: Maybe now when stygian c2 and sorcery appeared, this journey step can be finished?

  1. Trailer footsteps

Visible thing : When i watched conan trailer for game there was like, graphic settings i guess, for footprints in sand and snow, like in rdr2 tesselation or … i dont know the name and how to spell it in english.:frowning:
Reality : not long ago i finally saved up to rtx 80… everything on Cinematic… but runing in sand or snow gives no footprints… what is more wtf, i am leaving ‘‘paw prints’’ even i am with shoes, it looks like no shoes at all… or when without shoes, looks like shadow prints… and i leave them even indoors… like just now out of water… but not tesselation :frowning:

Q: Anybody can help with this feature?

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