Bat Demons in the sky!

Besides their ghosts, the Giant Kings are gone as far as I know but the Aviary is still producing bat demons.

Why not have these creatures flying around as wandering monsters and descending from the skys attacking those that they see as their prey.

Fighting the White Bat Demon in the unnamed city I clicked upon the lorestone and it plainly stated that the Bat Demons were fed on the flesh from the sacrifice pits and saw human flesh as their prey… or something like that.

Since the demon bats are procreating on their own should they not be venturing out feeding on humans and other creatures?

It would add a bit more fear to the game with winged demons from above descending upon players and their bases and such.


That sounds horrifyingly awesome!
You hear a screech roar out as the bat demon descends behind you.


If I remember correctly, back in early access you would get sometimes get attacked by one skull bat demons in the Unnamed City.

Skulled health bars didn’t exist yet in early access.


I suppose the insinuation is that, they do (as evidenced by the dead guy in the beginner’s desert)

Although it theoretically can, I’m not sure I’d like for it to happen just anywhere (except for maybe during a purge? ) otherwise , sounds pretty cool.

Though if we have something like a purge attack, I’d like some kind of siege defence against it, like a large mounted crossbow, so we can shoot them out of the sky.


I’m going on Age of Conan lore here, but I don’t think they can procreate on their own. In AoC the Picts use rituals, sacrifices and some really blasphemous stuff to have a demon possess someone in order to make more bat demons.

Large mounted crossbow. Yeah! Sounds fun.


true, yet we have bat demons.

I was trying to find some audio somewhere on the internet from the lorestone in the unnamed city near the white bat. I’ll have to listen to it again to maybe get more details but I don’t recall if anything was said about why they were there.

It could have been the giant kings doing it since we are short on picts.

Slave, if you have been chosen to work the Aviary, be wary.
The winged demons that we use to complete our errands are fed on the flesh from the sacrifice pits,
and they see your kind as prey.
The aviary allows us to rule our empire
carrying the decrees of the triumvirate across the land.
Our beasts feed themselves as they travel
and they are intelligent enough to never lose their way.
Like you, bonded one, they make excellent servants.


That whole thing screams to a lead up to a new addition to the exiled lands.

Sacrifice pits



These places are places to be explored.

They feed themselves as they travel

That passage alone is enough to have a new dlc.

These things should be roaming the land like they always have been feeding off of the land like they always have.

Perhaps a new addition to the game has summoners making these things or now they procreate on their own.

This is a perfect opportunity.

The Aviary is the location in the Unnamed City where the bat demons are found.

The sacrifice pits likely refers to the Citadel of the Triumvirate in the Unnamed City, as its description mentions, “Herein the sacrificial rituals of Set are performed constantly, such that the sent of sacrifices will bring glory and victory to our people.”

The bat demons were originally intended to attack exiles at night. I don’t know if thurgond remembers this actually happening correctly and the feature was removed, but that was how Funcom said they would behave.


Most definitely because of the Giant Kings. I’d wager they were using human slaves to make them.

Of course, I dunno if the person doing the lore in CE is keeping it in relation to AoC.

A neat thing to expand on imo.

That’s very cool!

Sorry, this gives me terrible flashbacks of Morrowind and the stupid, annoying, suicidal birds that were everywhere and attacked from highly inconvenient angles.

“Clear skies, sunny meadows, a lovely little brook and some frolicking bunnies. What a perfect place for a picnic… suddenly, combat music starts playing Aw crap, not agaaaaaain!”

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Sounds like Conan to me.

Given the setup for the Aviary there is not much room to do anything but…

There is a symbol on the floor of the Aviary that is similar to the symbol that is the entrance to The Dregs.

Same principle.

Kill the white demon bat and that symbol rises up to reveal an entrance. The giant kings made the dregs and it’s their “tech”.

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If nothing else, this could potentially relieve one nitpick I’ve always had with this game art:

Where is anyone encountering the bats in a forest, Funcom? WHERE ARE THE FOREST BATS, FUNCOM?!?!?!?!!?!?!


Sounds like fun ?

Where is the ability to dye a Poitain saddle blue, Funcom? lol

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