Bat skin? Is gone?

So i didnt farm the bats caves since the new update. But i noticed none of those bats drop bats skins anymore.

Is this intended? Some stuff still requires bat skin.
Wiki also still shows it.

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@Ignasi saw you did move my topic. Does it means its a bug and it should still drop?

Did check last night again, still no bat skin.
I tried using a skinning knife and a pick axe. Both gives feathers and feral flesh. :pensive:

Bat caves? Are you talking about the children of Jhil?

The caves close to the Dam.
The blackblood tool caves and the other 3.

The bats always dropped bat skin, feathers, hollowbone arrows and feral flesh.

Now they only drop feral and feathers.

Yeah those are the children of Jhil. I’m not sure if they were ever supposed to drop bat skin since they are birdmen, not bats. From a genealogical perspective they are more closely related to shoebills than bats.

I personally treated “bat skin” as Wing Webbing, Since they share that part of design.

I had the same/posted the same question. It’s my understanding now that Harpies no longer give Bat Skin.
You can still get Bat Skin from Bats in the Aviary found in the undead City.

Harpies never gave bat skin for me before the update.

But the ‘bats’ caves always did.

On 2.2ish,(which ever was before 2.3) the drop Feathers, Feral flesh and Bat skin (one of my ps4 is on this version)

Yes , they don’t drop batskin anymore , they shouldn’t do from the beginning because they were no bats . We call them batcaves because we were farming batskin , not because they were looking like bats :rofl::rofl::rofl: . It was a good farming spot , pity they don’t even give simple hide :woman_shrugging:t3: . However the bat skin still exist , you can farm it in unnamed sity , or the tower of the bats .

Only thing I’m aware of is for some of the taxidermy recipes and turning it into hide.

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As @Darkzombie said on pve the main use is taxidermy , yet on PvP , it was one stone many birds farming point , because tar is on the top 5 items you need on PvP. So not farming skin from these birds is a clear disadvantage for PvP farming , yet for me it’s the same , these caves are one in a week visit for me for all the other reasons .

@drachenfeles ,It happens to me too , with this game I still don’t feel confident after all these years that I know everything , because from times to times I find out something new . For example I visit the frozen forge for more than 2 years now and yesterday my teammate fell from the bridge , I ask him in the Vocal if he was ok and he told me that he is going to stay down to fight the dragon and I say what ???
What dragon ???
So I killed the giants and I went down to help with the green apparently dragon for the first time in my Conan life , omg … I still learn :woman_facepalming:

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Ya, Its unpopular spot…which makes it a great spot. XD

Or was… if there not gonna drop hides, basiclly turns it into blood weapon spot and thats it…

Easier hit up feather on nest then fight them. =/

I used to have Batskin too, but then I tried making my own moisturiser.

Now I’m just Batsh*t.

Not exactly , bird caves are still way valuable for many reasons , not only black blood tools . They just lost the batskin , they didn’t loose all the others and believe me , they are a lot and unique .

I only get feral and feathers

It’s the same way on Xbox no bat :bat: skin Batman would be disappointed.

The highest and lowest cave bosses gives skeleton keys and the chests are easy to find to take legendaries .
The middle bosses give
unwelcome gift
act of violence
holobone bow
The best arrows in the game , holobone arrows can be gained by any child .
Black blood from all the 3h bosses and the recipe for acid arrows from the lower boss .
Over 10 chests with gold and silver .
Yet ofcurce like you said feral flesh and feathers , but demon blood and brimstone too .
The only thing missing is bat skin :woman_shrugging:t3:

From pvp aspect there is no reason to farm anything there that you named besides the blackblood tools or it was hides.

All other stuff, gold and silver has other spots.
The weapons are just junk.
The brim is nothing.
The demonblood has other spots to get it.

People usually camped the caves for the tools and did get hides meanwhile to stay productive.