Battle Chicken?

Has anyone discovered a battle chicken yet?


From this post: Stat Growths

Keep a look out for that extra rare super-ostrich and get your own Battle Chicken!

Just wondering if anyone found one yet and what they actually are: ostrich or armored chicken?

While I can’t be sure in any way yet ofc, I imagine it’s just an expression? :open_mouth: considering Ostriches are bird looking and stuff, then calling them a “Battle Chicken”, at least based on the post you linked, seems to just be a reference to the fact that you could totally acquire an Ostrich that is very damned good at fighting?
I may be wrong of course, and there might totally be an actual armored chicken/battle chicken somewhere that’s acquirable, but I really think it’s just a term referencing the fact that you can get an Ostrich that is a veritable “killing-machine” because of the Stat Growth thing.

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Having a super-ostrich might be a good trade off, yes?

Wasnt it sth called “Chicken of doom”?

I do not understand the question.
In the write-up, Funcom called it “rare super-ostrich” and referred to it as “Battle Chicken?”
Is there a Battle Chicken being used in another game that is called Chicken of Doom?

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Didnt they say sth about a chicken of doom?

Maybe in another post, but I only see the term Battle Chicken in the write up.

Yeah, its not in the recap. But was pretty sure they said sth…

On my way to watch the stream again… but which one…

More info on stream

Join us on our streaming channels on Thursday at 5pm CET / 11 am EST / 8am PST where we will go into further details about the new Follower leveling system and the limiter mechanic.

The post I found it on was posted Nov 5, so probably the stream following that post which would be like the 7th of November.

Found it!

Question (53:22): Will a “regular” pet be able to evolve into a “Greater” pet?

Answer: No. However, basic pets can become on par with a Greater pet, and in some cases with a lot of luck, even better. There could be instances where a Normal Rhino beats the snot out of a Greater Rhino, though that example is admittingly rare.

Also fun fact, somewhere there will be a what Rober coined, a “Chicken of Doom” somewhere for players to find. Alex went onto say that the bird perks for pets were given a lot of thought into and flavor.


I’ve been wondering this myself. Glad someone else is hunting for it.

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So maybe it really is a Chicken and can be found…

Perhaps everyone is too involved in the negative posts, but I was hoping that someone found this Chicken of Doom who may be masquerading as an ostrich. I tried looking for it myself, but my character is still too low to handle the NPCs in bird territory.

Thank you for responding and taking time to discover where the Chicken of Doom was coined.

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Maybe some streamer can enlighten us in that topic… :smiley: @Wak4863 @JustHorse @Firespark81


I had an ostrich in front of a public map room I had up. It looked super sweet against the building. Had to delete it due to caps, but may be worth the slot if this is true!

It is rare so it might take sever tries to find the secret one. :slight_smile:
Let me know if you find it.

I’d be grateful but I’m also not opposed to the hunt as long as it’s a real thing and not a wild goose chase

This reminds me vaguely of the sheer craziness that was the hunt for “Ashbringer” in vanilla WoW. That went to some… weird places, too.

And yes it was a complete wild goose chase, but I believe some people spent real-life weeks, months or even years on it.


Hope this one is not a wild Battle-Chicken chase. I captured 5 babies this day and have them baking. It looks like I will get three different versions of the bird when they are done.


My chicks finally grew up…with a little help of a admin setting tweak.

Battle Chickens? Three different birds out of the six I collected.

The Blue one had the highest settings.

He fought well, but was killed rather suddenly when the boss turned on it. Not a chicken as it didn’t run away, but it was not good in battle

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