Battle Decorations

Quiver display racks (Quivers you can put arrows in in the same way we store weapons on wall display racks)
Skull wall decor (Can be pinned to the wall with an arrow, a dagger, sword, etc. The skull figure has a crack because of the weapon stabbed through it)
Weapon display racks be a different texture other than wood


yesyes and yes

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I’d also like to be able to build already existing structures, like the Darfari Palisade Walls (which are different from the ones we are able to build right now).

There are a lot of structures, like the Black Hand bridges and railings, or the Darfari Huts, or the New Asagard Building Parts which I don’t really know why we can’t have. I mean, these things are already in the game, it would really require a few work to have it available for players (maybe as T3 Hidden Recipes).

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