Battle for Corinth PvP PS4

Knights of Azeroth is no more! From the ashes of our first generation rises…Battle for Corinth!

That’s right folks, we’ve performed our first server wipe to bring new life and new opportunities back into our server!

Join us today:

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Got two new events coming up this week! Join today to be ready!

First up we’ve got our first ever Battleroyale style PvP event. Join us this Friday, February 21st at 6pm EST to join the fight!

For our raiders this weekend we’ve got:

10 small khitan outposts have been built all around the map. Scout!!

Everyone in the server can participate in this event.

Raid these outposts during raid times on Saturday February 22nd (2pm-8pmEST) and Sunday February 23rd (2pm-6pm EST).

By raiding these outposts you can get end-game resources like armor scraps, at least one legendary weapon per outpost and end-game potions like Berserker Draught, Frost Lotus and Grey Lotus potions.

But…the real treasure is: Bronze coins. Each outpost has a chest with bronze coins in it. At the end of the day, the clan with most bronze coins will earn a Brood-Guard-Assassin thrall.
The coins can be used to trade-in for Volcanic flowers and legendaries.
25 Bronze coins = 1 Named Thrall of your choice
15 Bronze coins = 1 Legendary weapon

Make sure to trade your bronze coins before the weekend is over!

To celebrate this new era of the server, we’ll be hosting an extended gold rush this Monday May 11 from 7-10pm EST! We also host gold-rush every monday for 1 hour.

Join up, get started and settled in the server then make sure you’re online for our first Gold rush event this month. No better time to join our server than right before our Gold Rush Mondays!

Look for our server on PS4 under PvP. Battle for Corinth