Battle Pass Challenge event XP boost not working[10x instead of 50x]


Platform: PlayStation 4 model CUH-1004
Issue type: Other
Game Mode: both Single and Multiplayer
Server Type: PvE and PvE-C
Region: EU [Poland]
Map: both Exiled Lands and Isle of Siptah
Server name: PvE - 3033[EL], 8007[Siptah] PvE-C 8023[Siptah]

Bug Description:
During this 2 week event spawning from 6th to 20th July there’s supposed to be boost on XP we’re getting from leveling Battle Pass. Instead of 10x multiplayer above a challenge we should be getting 50x right? Well, it’s not working since day 1 of this event. I’m getting 10x all th3 time.

Bug Reproduction:
Simply try both maps on both Single and official Multiplayer, after logging in open Challenges tab.

You have to finish the whole 10x stack to get 50x.
I had 20 stacks of 10x and when I finished them all, I got 15 50x the next day!

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Bro, you saved the day. I’m doing only highest tier Challnges [Rare and Legendary] so I had 20 PD multiplayers left. Common and other lower than Rare often block me from doing Battle Pass progress. So often I’m high on PD multiplayers.
I followed your advice and I burned my multiplayers doing low tier Challenges. When 5-6 multiplayers were left 50x started appearing. Now I got entire row of 50x all 5 cards and 1 PD multiplayer left.
Ordinary player won’t have a clue that he needs to burn down though his PD multiplayers. So I dunno why it’s designed so.

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