Battle Pass Challenges

Welp, battle pass #2.

I have zero interest in this one so won’t be purchasing or completing it.

However, I wanted to bring up a point. With battle pass #1, I focused on completing it by doing the 5 boosted challenges each day. I would spend about 15 minutes each day cheesing them in SP. I completed the BP in about 4 weeks I think by playing this way.

This time around, and the BP has been out for how long now? I’ve been playing without looking at it at all and happened to look at it today out of curiosity of progress.

I’m level 3.

So in no sane, logical world would anyone be able to complete this without solely focusing on completing it.

There is no possibility that a player would complete the BP through organically playing the game.

My suggestion, make it so that we DO and WILL complete the BP through organic gameplay. Is it a simple task? No, will include some tweaking, testing and take some time but make an effort towards this.


//So in no sane, logical world would anyone be able to complete this without solely focusing on completing it.//

Unperioding your period: I never cheesed it - it feels like numb, useless and very boring time. Never understood this ineffective method.

I only play on official PvE server. In the chapter 1 I finished the whole BP in about a week, but started to paying attention later. What one needs to do is to stack those experience multipliers and then go strictly only for legendary or rare challenges.

Thats why the sole focus on this is nonsense. When you are patient, you are going to be rewarded without any grind and resistance.

People say the system is made the way each and every person can acomplish and finish it in three months. I don’t understand it, because even now I am on lvl 45 and without buying premium. It is really doable, one just have to chose the right strategy.

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I paid for this battle pass with croms from the last, and will continue to do so. basically my battle passes are free.

Hell I forget I have challenges to I do one while playing. Most of them do themselves while I play.


What? This is exactly what my point was. You need to be actively doing this and seeking out the boosted multipliers and doing these tasks.

You have to be going in and out of the challenges menu to know what best tasks to complete.

It is not possible to just play the game organically and with the challenges out of sight/out of mind, you’ll get nowhere.

With this tactic being scoping out the highest possible boosted XP tasks each day and completing them, you are essentially bound to a daily to-do list that will dictate how you’re going to play this session.

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I finished the BP yesterday. I only dropped into single-player on two occasions: one was to finish the Well of Skelos challenge because the Degenerate is still bugged, and the other was to do some research to see if I can complete the legendary tool challenge using anything other than the Bindings of the Dead.

I wasn’t actually measuring and recording my progress, but my estimate is that I got through 5 BP levels a day.

Here’s the method in the madness: complete only the last two challenges on the right, and use your rerolls force them to be either legendary (150 XP) or rare (70 XP). Do those while they have a 10x multiplier. Do not do any common or uncommon challenges, even if that leaves you with unused multipliers.

The trick here is that the unused multipliers roll over, so the first day you’ll do only two challenges, but the subsequent days you’ll be doing 3-5 rare or legendary challenges.

There are pros and cons. The pro is that you advance through the BP incredibly fast. The con is that you might have to actually stop playing for the day after you’re done, if you want to avoid triggering some of the challenges.

While the idea of organically finishing the whole BP without paying attention to anything sounds nice, it’s also misguided. No offense, but if you think Funcom wanted to add something for which you only pay 10 bucks once and never have to think about it again, then you don’t understand what “monetization” means.

Specifically, the only way I can imagine they would be okay with doing what you asked for is if they took away the “get your Crom coins back” rewards from the BP.


I don’t really think so, about that “actively”.

IMO you are tired of those challenges because of spawning beasts to kill and food to eat etc, etc in admin mode, without actually doing anything valuable in the game, what would you personally find rewarding and fun.

My strategy: Just leave that challenges be, for the Crom’s sake.

Even for 3-4 days. The multipliers stack, then you do two or three legendaries for 1500 XP, check the other, eventually reroll. And repeat, each day and don’t waste it for the minor challenges. The rest of the time you can spend, maybe, I don’t know… By actually playing the game?

You are only bound by your own way of thinking in this matter. You would like to have everything right now and immediatelly.

I want to spend ALL of my time by actually playing the game.

I think both of you are missing my point.

This is my point. I should have just said,

“Please make the battle pass gameplay experience feel more organic”.

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Elaborate. :slight_smile:

My first thought would be to add a small amount of BP XP gain to any action you would typically do and not bind the progress to the challenges entirely.

Treat this XP as normal XP is treated in the game by completing any action you receive a small amount of XP.

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This is kinda good idea.

Me myself don’t like the fact that after reaching lvl 60 there is nothing you can do to improve yourself, not taking into account some real endgame improvement and working on your skills as a player.

With the challenges XP included into the normal progress, not only in “harvest 10 trees”, but in some moderate low numbers, it could feel more rewarding.

I am afraid though that this idea would collide with the actual attempt for the challenges and their progress to be gradual and not too harsh. Because when we finish the BP challenges soon, then what? Some will go and lament about nothing being there to do anymore. :neutral_face:

Funnily, my problem seems to be the opposite to the OP’s - I complete these challenges accidentally while doing stuff I’d do normally. Sometimes I even feel a pressure to try to avoid these mundane things so as not to waste a multiplier (can’t reroll challenges if you have a completed one unclaimed). Imagine trying to avoid killing a hyena or skinning a corpse. Now that’s silly.

In the end I decided that I’m going to have plenty of time to complete the Pass even if I don’t stress over it. Those challenges I complete by playing normally, well, at least I didn’t have to go out of my way to claim them; and the legendary ones I choose to do are things I feel like doing anyway.

I’m level 45 now, and haven’t felt like I’ve been doing chores. I guess I can manage to finish the 15 levels in the ~two and a half months we have left.

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Yep. That’s why I had to stop playing some of the days while I was power-leveling through the BP, because I didn’t want to waste multipliers on lower-tier challenges.

But these differences between my approach and your approach are what makes this BP system so nice: we can all do it the way we prefer, and it’s really not that hard. :man_shrugging:

You know what sucks…getting to the last 100 BP XP and having to shut down the game to get to work. MF! I literally just have to go and pick like 5 flowers and I’m done dammit.

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In a few hours it will be done, and Ofcurce it kept your mind today and passed other important (but nothing really) things easier! Because your mind was flying to the game and this damn thing helps a lot in our lives! Man kinds life sometimes takes a “second chance”, at this moment when everything is about to end you understand that most of your worries were worthless, but only this time! Gaming and especially this game helped my mind ignore situations that in different circumstances they would be life stations. I am happy for you my dear friend, for both of us actually! I still have way to go on bp, i see my self giving it some time on these few holiday days i have for break (3 Christmas and 3 New year). I believe today i will treat my self some more crom coins too, i want some things from the bazzar, even if i didn’t use them a lot, more because i bought them amd less because i really needed them. Have fun my friend :hugs:

Edit. I don’t know why i wanted them all these days, but i feel relaxed now, isn’t it silly?

It’s nice to become child again sometimes, isn’t it :rofl::rofl::rofl:.

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That is what I did in Chapter 1, and am still doing in Chapter 2. I completed Chapter 1 in 15 days, I still haven’t completed Chapter 2, and probably won’t for several days yet.

Chapter 2 is taking significantly longer to do than Chapter 1 did using the same optimized strategy, despite Funcom saying that they were going to make Chapter 2 faster to complete.

Sigh…power outage today so gotta repair the external drive…8tb fun

Chapter 2 doesn’t seem to want to give me many legendary challenges this season and when it does it’s a BS one like mine a meteor then those don’t show up.

For me, Chapter 2 took much less than Chapter 1, but that’s because I was affected by the multiplier renewal bug. So on some days I didn’t have any multipliers, and on those days that I did have them, I used all of them instead of trying to bank them.

I ended up admin-cheesing my way through the last levels of the BP in Chapter 1.

I complete mine because its on my way to what i do. Seriously, ive got a pattern that i rarely deviate from and when i do its because im playing with someone else.

Getting one battlepass level is 1-3 tasks with bonus.

Not completing a battle pass is a waste since you get enough crom coins to BUY the next one.

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