Battle pass feedback

Of course it was because no poll will get everyone’s situation. That doesn’t mean my analysis is incorrect. And truth be told, a business will never grow catering to select folks willing to shell out top dollar for items. Those are specialty shops that cater designed to individual needs…

Which isn’t a bad idea to have as part of the shop…lurking devs hear me out. You could have it where you can make custom weapons and shields. You give clients the ability to swap out hilts, blade and color for a more premium price. Give the about 10 options to make things nice and diverse. Could be an idea.

It’s too weird, too non-specific, too emotional… Like,

  • WTH does “and it better be cool!” mean? Sounds like an irate ultimatum… :confused:
  • What am I paying $1, $5, $10 for? A sword? A suit of Armor? A Culture Pack?
  • What if it’s a sword I want as opposed to one I don’t?
  • What if it’s a culture pack I hate as opposed to one I really dig?
  • What?

Just delaminating more dollar amount options doesn’t help without addressing these. I could totally see spending $500 on a single item. For example maybe a limited edition of a stainless steel replica of one of the weapons. An actual recurved bow FC contracted with to stylize correctly. $120 for a 1:10 replica of the campaign armorer’s bench. $75 for a serialized 1-100 limited edition of an in-game armor set. Or maybe they wanna split something up like an armor set with 2-dye slots for $5 but if you pay $10 then 5 slots (but same armor styling). As it is it’s kinda like asking “how much would you pay for a thing”, “how much would you pay for a good thing”, what?

Omg…I was being humourous. The n is junk, the perspective pool are already biased so it’s not scientific by any means. But what I thought was interesting is that the bias I assumed (willing to pay more) due to self declaration didn’t exist and the poll actually showed in the biased pool that the expert knows more than we do.

And holy heck…you all know how to overthink something to inaction…which is also a data point…ie no sale as you nit pick what value truly means. Ugh. Sorry I brought it up. It’s out there. Deal with it. The expert knows buying habits more than us. Regardless of how much we talk about it.

Well i didnt see Kaeryo inc make any money this year. :joy:

Exactly, and lets not forget there will be new content to play along side each pass. Making this game worth playing.

The Battle Pass is optional if someone want to support, with rewards. Rewards that should matter to the player which choose to support.

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I’ll write it down one more time since its seems like you genuinely want to understand it better and all i tried in this thread was to inform people from the companies pov.

So lets start the essay, shall we? Excuse me, if the text gets a bit messy. Ill try to write it down in order as good as i can.

First of all im gonna note down the positive effects a battle pass has for companies and players. In the companies case: this is what they aim for - not always is it going to be achieved. Thats really important to remember. In addition to that: NO ONE knows how the battle pass is going to work out for funcom not even themselves or their marketing expert. System needs to be in place for ANYONE to tell if its working or not. People coming in here talking about how its not working for xyz reasons cant know it. No one can. Pure speculations on their end paired with frustration because they would want something different to happen.

Benefits for the company:

  1. Engagement
    When considering passes, it’s important to note that they are not exclusively a monetization feature. There have been multiple studies about how people who bought a battle pass return to your game more frequently compared to players who didnt. Due to the free track of rewards, battle passes provide an incentive for all to play regularly. It keeps players engaged in the game by rewarding “skill” (maybe not in funcoms case since the dailys seem super easy) and perseverance. This is one reason why you would want to make the pass seasonal and not obtainable or playable later on.

  2. Revenue
    Its a constant and stable income to calculate and work with as a company. Due to the possibility of paying level in case people want to complete it sooner or cant play due to time reasons they will even earn more. At the same time you keep the effort of promoting as low as possible. New DLCs require streams, videos and other marketing methods which cost time and money for the company. The affordable price of most passes also allows the game to capture value from a spectrum of audiences beyond big-spending demographics. This means more valid targets in terms of growth. As a result, the passes do little to increase monetization pressure on spendy players and avoid alienating low-spending players (which can also be seen as a benefit to players)

  3. Flexible
    Developers can modify and optimize battle passes each season. Also its not strictly bound to themes or at least it doesnt have to be.

Benefits for players (which are benefits for the company in some points as well or reasons to use it over other monetization methods)

The premium track often provides much more value than seperate items would (depending on the likes of the customer) that constitutes a no-brainer purchase for everyone. Why pay 5 dollar for an armor set if you can pay 10 dollar and get a whole lotta stuff for your money. Bp’s are seen as more fair than gatcha/loot boxes because players are required to play the game to unlock the top rewards (even if they pay for the premium track). Theres no random factor to receive what you want. All premisses are clear from the beginning which also avoid strong frustration points that cause disappointment. A battle pass with cosmetics only (or nothing you need to play the game as its intended) is a fairer method than selling major updates as a DLC which would also split your player-base in two parts. With being able to get all the coins back to buy the next pass it also adds addional value for the player.

Dont get me wrong. I know that you could argument against some or most of those points. You can do that to every marketing strategy (thats why there are more than 1 which all can seem frustrating as a customer as soon as you think about them more) I dont want another endless discussion regarding this topic. All i wanted to do was explaining why a company is considering battle passes and which benefits they and their player base get from it so some might be able to understand the intentions better & why its normal/better to have “exclusive” battle passes.


Hate to say it but it appears an auction house would get rid of lots of RNG. Every time I see “monetization” and know it’s best to follow the money, I feel something harsh is coming. Maybe people don’t want to know every item in game as found by listing it in an auction. Scratch that idea. Of course players can admin and conjure any item making the auction house dead. I thought it was still interesting.

The lack of DLC was kinda the Sign they had stuff being worked on, likely for this. I’m sure they got a nice back log of items.

Fallout 76 updates every few months with few new items. Its not “alot” But items recycle and come back and “vauk” (aka leave store) wont see them for a few months… if not till next year.

They don’t need new items at a insane flow. They just need a Large amount start with, and trickle in several and take some out and in.
Its not to diffcultt to add handful of items every month, Specially if they sit in “New” Section for 2-3 weeks.

because majority of people don’t think about it, and just see “time limit” and they go “but buy buy”
It just simple marketing tactic… it sadly works on to many people.

I see “FREE” I assume there is a Catch, My Email? Phone Number? Gotta Sign up for something…
Some people… just hand that stuff over with out a care.

I remember when I worked as Clerk at minimart/gas stop. We would suggestive sell alot of items…

But 2 save money, buy 3 packs of cigs save abit more. But we never told you what you saved…
People hear/read word “Save” and we get them to buy 3 packs of Cigs.

But…if you did math, They were save a whopping 37cent to 77cents. Instead of 5$, we got 14$ by using the word “save”
And it was RARE, RARE! if anyone ever asked what value of saving was.

People are dumb… “save” “time limit” “offer” etc etc are just key words that trigger people into spending money.

I had pleasure… displeasure of training people to suggestive sell stuff. You watch there intake of 5000-7000$ daily sales jump to 8000-12000 but getting people to save pennies…if barely ever a dollar in savings.

I can’t imagine all people who I helped get lung cancer… by saving them 77cents at best. -_-’

items are often priced… high. 700 for bundle of chair and table with vase of flowers. Clearly not worth 700.
People pay the 700… and some wait for 400 sale. Ether way… its making money.

Not mention you put in-game currecry on sale enough. People see “Sale” and they Buy.

Not mention there Digital items… there value and worth creating them is LOW. You only need sell so many. And any after is all profit. Not like real wood needs be gotten and payed for to make those items for a new batch.

AH are there own bag of horrors… Most of “free limits” ones are run by handful of player who have to much free time.
Its pretty rare for one to be control by in-game values preventing player from ■■■■■■■■ it up. XD

I think Player Thrall Vendor NPC would be COOL. Only if they had value limits or Set Prices.


Ok a big thankyou to @Ceadeus and also to @Shaka808 for explaining this to me. So I now have an understanding of exactly what a battle pass is, and some level of understanding as to how it functions. However, I still need to fill in a few gaps and sort out dome finer details in my mind.

And a big thankyou to you also @LostBrythunian
my good fellow. This is where I am still a little confused so everyone please bear with and be patient with me, because again, I have NEVER purchased or interacted with a battle pass yet. So my understanding is that we:

  1. Buy the battle pass which grants us the ability to complete the challenges listed within.

  2. When we complete the challenges we receive ‘Crom’ Coins, which are used to purchase the cosmetic rewards. But some of the cosmetics are given for free.

  3. This part still confuses me. If we pay for ‘Premium’ which I assume is either a secondary fee or a larger initial outlay, we unlock ALL items available for that season, and I do mean absolutely EVERYTHING, is that correct or no…?

  4. What is available changes each season which is quarterly, and we must aquire the items available before the end of the season or we miss out.

  5. The Black Lotus Bazaar is a shop separate from the one in the battle pass, but I do not understand if it takes real life currency or Crom Coins, or for that matter if it changes each season/quarter in line with the battle passes ‘shop’?


From my understanding, your points 2 and 3 are slightly incorrect.

  1. When you complete challenges, you receive experience within the Battle Pass. As you gain experience you level up, 60 levels total I believe. Each level has an associated reward such as an armor set, some orbs, or in some cases Crom coins. 12 of the 60 rewards are free, regardless of whether you purchase the Battle Pass.

  2. Premium purchases unlock 15 levels within the Battle Pass, no matter what level you’re at.

If you get all 60 rewards, the combined Crom coins received in certain rewards will be sufficient to buy the next Battle Pass.


From what I watched. It works like CoD.

There 60 ranks.
With no money payed up front.
Lets pretend, Ranks, 3,12,22,33,45,67 are free. As you level up. (from 1 to 3)
You WONT get 1 and 2. But 3 is given to you when claimed.

When you level up to 11, you got nothing till 12.

If you pay for Pass, you can claim every rank as you level up.

If your Rank 60. ANd buy pass. You can claim any of them, since your alrady leveled it to 60.

Crom Coins are bought seperality. (some are earned thru Pass) Its not known of value we can buy.

So hard to say if it’ll be exact 1 on1 value, or you’ll have to buy 10$ worth to get a 7$ item.


Thanks, good explanation. The Engagement part in particular is probably one of the model’s strong points.

Of course, until we see the real content and price of those passes, we can’t say whether it’s going to be “affordable”. But if I understood correctly, in Funcom’s case you can earn the next Battle Pass by completing the previous (if you don’t spend those Crom Coin rewards elsewhere), which would make it harder to predict the actual revenue per quarter. And the company would still need to produce the same amount of 100 % new content for each pass.

So what I’m saying is, from an untrained outsider’s perspective this seems like a risky investment from Funcom’s part - based on what we know now. Which means, since there was a monetization expert involved who knows this stuff better than I do, there are things planned that we don’t know. And that worries me because based on my prior experience with games with micropayment options etc., the only way forward is downhill and eventually they’ll start sneaking in some “very minor” in-game advantages to test the waters, and if enough people won’t rage-quit, the pay-to-win element will be increased.

Of course, if they had gone for a gacha/loot box model instead, we wouldn’t be having this discussion because I would be out of here already.


Do you like statues made in your honor and for cult like worship to be made in bronze, silver, or gold? Asking for a friend.

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This is somewhat true, but those players add up to the player base (since they will be playing more often) making Conan Exiles a more popular game that might attract more players, this will still be a win on both sides since more players will mean more sales :slight_smile:

Same, I would have immediately turned my back on Conan Exiles too…

First i thought this is kinda a sarcastic post and i was really sad ngl because writing that essay without personal opinions and emotions was a lot of work but after tagging me in the other thread now i understood you’re actually serious haha thanks for honoring my work <3


Ya sorry, I was just being silly. Your post was brilliantly well thought out.


How about Microsoft? You think they made any money? You know the company that puts items in the battle pass into the cash shop in Sea of Thieves and makes battle passes replayable in Halo?

I just hope and pray you don’t listen to the loud minority of players that are whining about the Battle Pass. Clearly they don’t play anything else as Conan was literally the only game I play that DIDN’T have a battle pass. It’s a great way to support your game development and continue to update the game. I mean people must not realize that this will give us updated items every 90 days and even more in between. It will create the revenue stream needed to add more maps and more content to the game as well as bug fixes like the “must be placed on walkable floor.” Or improve chest, altar, and Wheel of pain placements. Hit box improvement will also be pretty awesome.


I disagree only to the point “don’t listen to the minority”.
Well what makes the rest plurality :man_shrugging:?
We have no numbers to prove anything on this part and even if we had, why the minority not to be listened?
I will stay on an opinion I listened long ago on one of @Wak4863 videos that sayed. “Funcom listen the community a lot. It’s time to stop listen and act as they think it’s best, follow their own vision”. It’s time and I agree.
Other than that is their head on the “guillotine” not ours. What we can and must is to support them. All these years they give us joy, fun, so it’s time for us to say thank you with deeds not just words. I support every decision they make 100% but I don’t go against the opposite voices of my fellow exiles. They surely see something I can’t or don’t wanna see, so I thank them for this.
Only this my fellow exile @dniezby, to all the rest I agree 100%.


I say this to the fact that I ONLY hear complaints about these updates on the forums. In game, all of the players I speak with on 4 different servers are extremely excited about the approaching updates.

Agreed. I’m ready to preorder as soon as possible.

The reason they don’t see it is because they’re wearing blinders. They’re completely blinded by, “oh they’re just doing it for a money grab.” Read the complaints about the battle pass. They’re just silly to someone like me who is VERY familiar with what they are and how they work. Which is why I’m so excited about it. I’ve seen some try to explain it to others and 9 out of 10 times…they’re completely wrong.

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