Battle pass feedback

I don’t mind as it’s reasonably prices (if it’s 1 payment each 3 months, then I’d probably see a 10-15$ mark fine - provided it would also provide some monthly stipend of Crom Coins - like i.e. the lifetime sub in ST:O, or having an active subscription in SW:TOR did) - though I do hope that each battlepass season does have enough goodies to validate such price (so - more or less the same with the “classic” DLCs we had so far).

Actually - will all the battlepass items be T3 (so, even the sandstone/stonebrick variants we’ve seen in the trailer), or will they be all over the place in terms of resitance/quality?

Just wanted to ask because ive been wondering. Most Battle Passes are around 10 dollars or so- What is the real difference here?
hope im not pissing people off but they have a store on top of a battle pass system. So ,and please correct here everyone if im wrong, isnt it the same thing as dlc plus an in game store? 10 bucks battle pass plus an in game store.

edit: im guess im saying they can stick to dlc and just add a shop no?

edit 2 : i guess its sort of a gaurantee of 10 bucks for funcom every 3 months? the incentive is giving us a reward system?

and the shop is in no way directly or exclusively related to sorcery. the name is fine and renaming it to something more sorcery like is not meaningful, or should they rename the shop with every age? we are now in the age of sorcery, but we don’t know what theme the next age will have.

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I like Battlepasses! :smiling_imp:
I am apparently one of the minority who usually complete them before buying them just to make sure I did not waste my money due to loss of interest half way through.

I will most probably buy the Conan Exiles one as soon as it drops cos I love this fkn game and the devs.


I kinda get why people are upset about the fomo thing and I understand the other argument of new players that will never have the opportunity to get the cosmetics as their friends who got them into CE. The latter being the reason for this post.

So that got me thinking of the F2P online game Dauntless. (Don’t judge me)

They also have all this battlepass stuff with free and payed tracks.

What they did after allot of complaints from players that missed previous battle passes and the cosmetics within is they allow you to buy the pass again at a later date, lets say 3 months after it finished. So there is some exclusivity for those who did it day one and an option for newcomers without resorting to “tweak” the models to be sold in the Bazaar. (I am totally getting that alternate bookcase, I must have it!)

TLDR: Sell previous battle passes after X amount of time, making selecting which battlepass you want active a thing and giving new exiles the chance to look as epic as their veteran friends.

:metal: :smiling_imp:


Yeah I understand why someone would want that, but I still don’t understand what would be the point buying a battlepass if they resell it later?

To have items cheaper? Or to have them a little earlier? It feels very unrewarding to buy a pass if this is the only reward for buying a pass…

I can wait 3 months
I don’t care much about cost

I explained the rest in a earlier post this is objectively of course.

I think the best solution here would be to be able to complete the battle pass later but having to buy it within the 3 month frame before a new one drops.

People who buy it instantly and play it through then have the advantage of refinancing the next pass since you get all the coins back you spent for it(another reason why they use coins instead of cash exchange) while people who didnt finish have to pay for the new pass again since they havent got all their coins back in time. Correct me if this isnt feasible seemed logic and fair in my head xD

Though i must say, the intention of a battle pass is to have them played within the 90 days frame so i personally think there should be no possibility to complete or get access afterwards. Just offering a middle ground which wouldnt be too negative for the company.


This one understands that some people will see no value in a thing that others are able to have, even if others have to pay more or wait longer for it. The exclusivity is the only thing that can justify the commitment.

The time spent grinding thru the battle pass, which looks like it will be full of tedious and banal endeavours (as these things often are) is not ever coming back. If the only reason one plays the game is for the completion of the pass… This one laments, but this one understands we all have our particular foibles to placate.

Our time is both finite and non-renewable.

The morality of money is a funny thing.
There are numerous techniques that generate significant revenue that have since been thrown into the verboten pile. The legal mandate separating the doctor from the pharmacist is over 750 years old in some parts of Europe (In many civilizations on the Eastern side of that same continent they were never, or were only recently separated, having very different checks and balances in place than dispensation separation) Monopolies/“Trusts” are somewhat frowned upon at present, but were (and still are) undeniable in their ability to control markets. Then there is the addition of certain chemicals to consumables to make them more addictive. A constantly fought battle. Just like the idea that an item has to actually be what it is labelled as. One related to the idea that a central authority controls weights and measures rather than just letting the merchant calibrate their own. Because for every honest coin to be made, three more can be grifted.
Caveat Emptor is the battle cry of those who absolutely intend to engage in dirty dealings and then want to pat themselves on the back for being so smart and successful… or at least wish to reserve the option to do so.
This is without getting into some of the truely heinous things that were done for centuries with no compunction, and even towards the end with significant foot stomping that removing these abominations would destroy the economy.

Now, is Funcom planning some massive act of only barely, technically, not criminal malfeasance that will make them rich while both destroying the health of and financially ruining their customer/victims?
Of course not.
They, at the advising of an expert in the industry, are planning on engaging in what is currently standard practice in industry. A profitable but vocally loathed standard practice. But they solicited feedback. This one thinks, even if that solicitation was performative, that puts them on the better side of typical.

The population of, and activity on, the forums certainly spiked after the announcement. But we are still far and away not the majority of those playing… But are we the ones who care the most?
This one thinks the content creators whose livelihoods are tied to this game probably care a bit too. But possibly for different reasons…

This one wonders what threshold they consider an “Uproar” at?

One side thought, that is likely to please exactly no one else. This leans a bit into the cash shop as well, so please be patient.

Crom Coins should not be able to be purchased with cash and can only be acquired from the paid track of the Battle Pass.
The Lotus Emporium would take transactions either in Cash or in Crom Coins.
However, any item added to the shop that had previously been in a Battle Pass (and such items would be added only after the Age they were in had concluded and the next Age was a full Chapter in) item can only be acquired with Crom Coins.

Has this one managed to offend everyone with this suggestion?
It keeps the items locked behind Battle Pass participation, and a limited, finite resource, so the FTP crowd should reject it.
Meanwhile, it allows those who weren’t available for battle passes in a previous Age to acquire the items, thus annihilating their value as a sham NFT.


I don’t believe the console world will allow this. The transactions of hard cash need to go through their stores and have basically become exchanges for real money to game currency. From how I see it, game currency is the only way these battle passes and shops work for the consoles due to the rules that Sony and Microsoft have that they insist protect their customers.

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Then you should watch it again and they did not say BP was free, it costs the first time and you can earn the coins during it to pay for it the next time BUT first time you pay for it , it is not FREE.


This one thinks that For Honor might have a hybridized monetization, but it’s been awhile since the last time this one checked. Will return later after jobs are done to see.

I dont mind the battlepass, have to have some revenue from game, however, if you can fix the game stability so we can have some smooth gameplay and uninterrupted crashes, especially on weekend nights.


Wanted to add:
Somewhere around 12 items will be free for everyone without buying the pass according to the livestream :slight_smile:

To be fair, some of them (if I’m not mistaken) will be obtainable in-game anyway, like soul orbs or some such.


I think that’s a good idea, but I doubt they implement it on a regular basis. Maybe some items with high demand can be put later in the shop or then very similar ones. But if they do this, they harm battlepasses as a monetization strategy.
Look hiw many people ask for the pre order items. They never put them back on sale and probably won’t ever will.

They said they could do that in the livestream which is a good idea I think

I don’t think similar items will harm the original battle pass versions that much, only if they do what Black Desert did… making a much better looking version LOL:

Pre-order exclusive Shudad


Limited time (will release seasonal) Shudad

Of course everyone has their own opinion on what looks better that’s beside the point I want to point out.

But players that pre ordered felt betrayed after they released a similar better looking costume of the same type… with all the good reasons of being upset.

In the end they gave every pre order player the outfit for free, it still doesn’t justify their actions.

Promises are very important to keep or players will lose trust (take for example how poorly Riot handled the situation with exclusives…).

If they make variation of a exclusive they should release them BOTH at the same time, so everyone knows the differences when the battle pass goes life. Not after the fact.

If they really can’t keep a promise they should find other ways rather than a pointless battle pass to get income.

But this is obviously how I see it, take with grain of salt :slight_smile:


But similar items are not the same and therefore I don’t see a breach in exclusivity. You still get to parade the prize, as it were.

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I can agree with this. The Earned Variant would have some sort of indicator , say a glow or aura. You can purchase this item as well but it will be a sort of "dull " variant. maybe not this exact idea but something along the lines.


Fair enough, it wouldn’t bug me personally to add variants not even when they do this later on.
Re-releasing only bugs me, but I already said that haha :smiley:


I ask in the round, as I understand it, one can pay in the Black Lotus Bazar only with Crom Coins which I must buy before and not a direct transaction e.g. with a credit card ?

Apart from that Crom would not approve of this, I would not like it either.

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Because they want to?

That’s pretty much the only reason anybody would ever need to buy a piece of entertainment in the first place. Why would something need to be exclusionary at all for someone to want to put money down?