Battle pass feedback

This is what made me “wtf” it lol
So after a BP been added we all drop from the sky and have to start over when we die :')

Haha no I understand, we good :slight_smile:


Ah, now I finally understand that with the bat from the
dev stream. :rofl:


The battle pass is a scam. Give me digital dlc. Fortnite uses battle pass same as EA uses loot boxes. Evil stuff. Battle passes are evil. Worst than loot boxes.

This is the only thing that matters in your post IMHO. The rest is how you really don’t like online game business models (any it appears). But with the statement above, you are exactly who FC is trying to keep in mind with DLC’s and Battlepasses to the idea of cosmetics only and not going P2W. You don’t need these to escape for a few hours and no one is going to judge you for not having them (at least from my experience). You don’t want to grind, you don’t have to (although playing both PVP and PVE I am grinding in both styles so I must ask what’s your secret). At this time, they appear quite dedicated to ensure true game content (dungeons narratives etc) are core game features and the frills are the only thing that is monetized.

Signing off…

So I don’t care what everyone thinks now, but you’re really f****ng annoying.

Every post you give is like a little child that doesn’t want to accept anything and always wants to assert its own stubborn head.

I really hope you get banned from the forum for the second time Bryan so you have to get a new IP again.


Battle pass is a terrible idea. Didn’t see the new dev video until a few days ago. Still not Bryan. I have the balls of steel to stand up and protect Conan Exiles from garbage ideas like a battle pass. I have all dlc and was one of the preorder people.

I like the new stats idea. I might like the sorcery. I like my dlc in the store always.

P.S. many players are against a battle pass. Not just me. So don’t jump me for hating Fortnite and battle passes. My experience with then is that they ruin games.

Yeah well reality check…the old system wasn’t providing the revenue returns the company needed and it certainly wasn’t helpful for people to just spend $10 every DLC release and not really engage in the game.

Okay… try again in all seriousness now…
Why is it bad? Saying something is bad and to compare it with something that is much more different doesn’t make much sense to me…

Maybe I’ve missed your reply about it… there’s so much replies here its hard to catch up.

Whisper there other ways. Next your going to tell me loot boxes aren’t bad. The release of a major features might increase base game value to increase back up to a 65 dollar game counting taxes on consoles and PC. Look what happened to no man sky. Once they fix everything and multiplayer it jump up from a 19.99 game up to 65 dollar game.

Firespark81 a person who defends this game has a dislike for the battle pass. He explains a better way to do it. And his explanation is better than anything I could explain.

He a YouTuber if you seek to find his videos.

No lootboxes are junk. RNG is definitely not the way to go with $ exchanges. There is a word for that and it’s called gambling.

BP’s aren’t like that. Now if the advancements through the BP are too difficult, then that also is junk. I ran into that with Bloodhunt. I’m a console player and I couldn’t advance fast enough because of their refusal to accept that M&K PC players have significant advantages against console controller players when they focused on Crossplay and so either I wait 1-2 hours to play with other console players or get owned within 5-10 minutes every single game…I don’t advance enough and so money was wasted.

I don’t see FC’s initial launch of the BP being that bad. It could in the future but as explained in the current plans, I don’t see advancing through the pass as a problem as long as you are playing more than an hour each week. Most of the complaints I see on Youtube isn’t about what has been presented but about the potential of abuse. What it could become…which we can only wait and see if things go down an ugly path and we vote with our $.


Okay so just for you i was watching his video. Not only does he make stuff seem worse than it is like with the one-time use items. He never said those items can be crafted in game. So what is the problem with a one-time use item if you can craft them yourself anyways? ESPECIALLY if those are free. They arent in the paid track of the battle pass from what we know so far so there shouldnt be a problem.

Also, he is talking about it like funcom could be some evil trendsetter even tho there are tons of gaming publishers out there offering battle passes already. If one of those other survival games would’ve want to use a pass they might as well would have already tried it themselves. Other companies still act and decide for themselves. If they see funcom having success with their pass and try to establish an own one with p2w tactics or whatever that is not funcoms fault.

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Yes, Bloodhunt is really hard to progress.
I also play it just for fun, I usually hate BR games but Bloodhunt is kinda different.

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Not exactly. It’s about using mechanisms that encourage people to return, even without any emotional attachment to the product. It’s a pretty old method, but the term for it, “gamification”, is actually only a few years old.

It’s exactly the same system where you get a stamp on your card every time you buy a coffee, and with ten stamps you get the 11th cup for free. That’s engagement. Even though the guy who always visits the same cafe would probably have bought the 11th cup anyway, people love these little bonuses they can get from returning regularly.

Same with any gold/platinum/whatever memberships that give you extra rewards for spending more. These have existed for decades at least. Heck, my bank offers bonuses for people who have over €50K monthly traffic on their account (including insurances and loans). I have no emotional investment towards my bank, but those bonuses would be welcome (although, currently, they are quite far above my pay grade).

It’s not just about battle passes. But it does amuse me somewhat that they are applying game-like elements to games to get people engaged.


I find it amusing how you cut out the source.
This seems not to be a research but an article about mobile games and based on google play store data. I think you’ll find that people who are against the battle pass do so precisely because they don’t want conan going in the way of mobile games.


No offence but he doesn’t know the concept, seen the video as well?

First of all … Since 2018, maybe 5% of bugs have been fixed. It’s 2022 and there are 5 year old bugs that don’t interest anyone (for example, bugging in a rhino, the character freezes when you use alt + tab and many more - all old problems for several years). We’ve all paid quite a lot of money over the years, but I don’t see anywhere used to fix these bugs, and that’s a basis, in my opinion, because everyone can add new and new things to the game, but nobody cares. First it is necessary to fix what does not work in that game - not to overlap it with new things. Secondly … If someone does not understand the meaning of BP, let them study it and do not claim that it is okay. BP is intended for games that are free and have no chance of otherwise receiving financial support (this is the very definition and meaning of Battle-Pass). This game costs €40 and sells DLCs worth €67 - isn’t that enough? I wouldn’t say. You attack people here as if they have no right to express their opinion (even if it is negative) and you are literally trying to convince them that they have to put their money into this game, which they have already put here.

If this game worked normally, I wouldn’t say anything. But whenever one returns to the game after a long time, one sees the same bugs that have not received any correction for atleast 5-6 years. If they are not interested in those bugs, then what do they need more money for? Because bug fixing is also part of the developer’s work, but here it probably works differently

PS: No, the fact that I have to pay for this game to get a new “free” content is really a pretty nonsensical argument. Those people paid €40 for the game and maybe more money for DLC. This is not an f2p game for someone to ask you for financial support in yet another way


Welcome to the forums.

Just to make sure - you are aware that there will still be free new content for people who bought the main game, right? Sorcery among others will be free if you own the base game, and that’s not exactly a minor update. Horse-riding was free, too. But there will also be extra content for people who want to pay extra. That in itself is not a bad thing.

And 74 % of all percentages presented online are made-up.

Frankly, most critical and severe bugs I’ve encountered and reported since I first joined the forums have been fixed. Some minor annoyances have prevailed, and the Well of Skelos end boss still failed to spawn on Single-Player until I first admin-spawned one in and killed it, and then it spawned back as it should.

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I’m not even gonna bother reading the rest of your incoherent textwall.

Do you have a real statistic for this? Where did you get this number from?

Don’t tell me what has and hasn’t been fixed in five years, day old account. I can guarantee you weren’t there.