Battle pass feedback

Oh I’m really sorry for you, I got the game for free.*

In addition, the updates are free, as has been mentioned here a few times.
Free changes always come in.
(horses, dungeons, recipes)

The novelty of the BP is not required to continue playing the game, the BP just gives more opportunities to enhance the game experience.

I’ll bet my hard-earned money that you must have spent more money on other games that were personally worth it to you.

*Question for the others who already know me: Did I do the sarcasm correctly this time? :grin:

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“I can guarantee you weren’t there.” You can not. Considering I’ve been playing the game since its first release which is probably 2017, I’ve logged over 4,500 hours and been part of the biggest clans on EU PvP servers and own almost all the DLC - your claim is nonsense. And even if I were actually new to this game, I just need to look at the “bug-tracker” or the posts on the forum and I would probably have to be blind not to see the extreme amount of bugs, and most of them, as I already mentioned, are old bugs. I even mentioned two bugs in the first post that have probably existed since 2018 - even then you could have guessed that I am probably an old player and not a “newbie” as you claim.

But really, after your post, I’m starting to understand the reasons why those problems aren’t being solved. Because there are people like you who are able to pretend they don’t exist instead of saying “yes they are here and need to be fixed” so you will claim they are not here xD That is really very smart

And thanks, I’m glad you learned to read in school. You’re right, my account is 1 day old - too bad my main account is older than yours, from 2018 :slight_smile:

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So many falsehoods in your rants. But I’m sure we can trust somebody who just admitted to using multiple accounts.


What are you talking about? How can you afford to accuse someone of lying without proof? Because you don’t have one :smiley:

Ok just some ground guidelines…I don’t give a rats behind how long you have been playing the game and I don’t care how steep in Conan lore you have. If your point is valid, it is valid and that is what needs to be addressed, period. Personal attacks are for the weak argument so please refrain from them.

I will say bug fix turn around is a valid point in this conversation about value and monetization. Some bugs are more critical than others though so qualifiers need to be out there as well. The bomb dupe was a significantly more destructive bug than the flying gazelle. However as a customer, I didn’t think the resolution to the bomb dupe was that satisfactory and pvp servers are still suffering from this issue even after the fix. I totally forgot about bugs and value of the game and it definitely has a place here to discuss.

I would say that the more steady revenue expected from battlepass and shop should give us a faster revision control to where more bugs can be fixed at a faster rate. That would be my expectation out of this.

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Post on it then. Otherwise you are simply a nobody and your opinion is worthless. We’re going to treat you like the manchild who threw a tantrum about litigation until you do.

And why not? You’re probably that same person. So what did the attorneys say, lawyer man? Did you have the gall to actually try to call one? Or did you chicken out like a child?


Amusing that people on officials have to log in every five days or so to refresh, but whine that they have to do some trivial quest to unlock an item in BP.


Since you have decided to open a fake account, why would anyone listen to your whining about FC etc. You have zero credibility and the Devs need to block your fake account.


I think its time to take a banhammer and kick u out from here. :smile:


I’ve been playing the game since 2001 and I’ve logged over 9,000 hours and I’m the best player ever of all time. Proof? What proof? I don’t need to prove anything I can just say whatever I want.

  • “probably”
    So if we run this tiny sample size of two through your fantasy metric that only 5% of bugs get patched, that means they’ve only fixed 0.1 bugs in 4 years. Impressive, I didn’t even think that was possible.

No what’s very smart is making a new account full of bold new claims that you can’t back up. Nobody’s denying bugs exist, I’m just denying your totally bogus and incorrect statistic and therefore entire flawed argument.

Buddy, I’m a runescaper. Do you have any idea how many 9 year old noobs say their main is gonna come beat me up? Do you really think it ever happened? It didn’t.

And even in the off chance you’re right, making a new account is usually a sign of circumventing a ban which is against the TOS. Not that that bothers you, given what likely did happened to this fabled “main”.


@Jimbo there’s just no point in arguing or having any kind of conversation with this person.

It’s just wasted time. Time that no one can give you back. :blush: :v:t4:


Yes, I am following this post and I do read the comments…


The reason why I used “alt-account” is that this account was not used for a long time and the email associated with it was not available to me. I honestly don’t care if they ban him, I wrote the reason and I still know that they can see from which IP the account was created and it matches this one. I don’t really want to comment on everything you mentioned because I don’t have the time or the desire to do so, but I will try to express myself a little differently… My primary language is not English and even if I try to use a translator, many things may look or sound differently than they are actually meant, so again.

I’m not saying anywhere that this game is bad, I’m also never saying that people shouldn’t play it or should stop, and I’m also not saying that the developers of this game are doing little or nothing. My point was that they can’t just look at everything based on the opinions of a few people on this forum because there are several thousand other players playing the game. And looking at their opinions that I see on servers, in videos, streams or in comments under videos on youtube (even I myself am the owner of one PVE server) so I know that I am not writing anything wrong if I say that they should rather focus on fixing bugs rather than adding new stuff because the opinion I have is actually held by several thousand other players. Yes, I understand that every new thing in this game that is added is nice, fun and will make players happy. Me too, I won’t say no. But when I look at it as an older player who has been here since the beginning, I simply feel that new things are added non-stop and the old and maybe good ones remain broken and forgotten. Like me, other players just want things to work. Why did I mention I own a PVE server? Because I’m sure like many other players, i left PVP servers where a large number of bugs were being abused that no one is solving. Perhaps you haven’t seen the state of the official PVP servers? Building bases under the map, behind the “green wall”, bugging textures, duplicating and all such things? I think that everyone sees it very well, so there is no need to talk about whether it is true or not. What does this have to do with BP? Well… BP is used in games that have no other option than to get financial support (free to play games such as Apex, Fortnite and many others use it). It’s fine, people will support if they can and want to, and that money is used to develop the game itself. I understand it, everyone understands it according to me. But how can anyone claim that they need more money to develop the game when all the development for the last years has been about adding new things instead of fixing those bugs, while if they were fixed, many players would not leave the game and that means that there would be more money because those people would buy at least the DLCs, which is definitely quite a decent support. And I know very well what I’m writing about, because if I look at all the clans in which I played, where they consisted of a really large number of players, not a single player from them plays this game anymore. And it’s not because they stopped enjoying the game, they stopped enjoying the endless bugs. Fixing bugs is also a developer’s job or am I wrong? So why don’t they? I’m not saying that some bugs haven’t been fixed, but those that almost every player knows are still there. So why should I put my money into BP or other DLC to support them or game development if I know those things won’t be fixed in the future? People don’t fund the developer’s life, they fund the game and that’s the difference

And next time, try to understand at least a little bit what I’m talking about. I have the same right to express my opinion regardless of whether I am a new player or an old one. And the fact that you have a different opinion than mine does not mean that mine is wrong. I’m also the one who paid €40 for that game and additional money for almost all DLC, and if a discussion opens where I have the opportunity to express my opinion on what should be in the future, I have every right to write it. What you don’t like is your business. Learn to respect other people’s opinions and not just those that suit you. Otherwise, you have nothing to do here

Thank you :heart:


Your reason is valid and I can understand that. It is difficult to recover something when you no longer have access to the email. It is even worse when a subscription is associated with the email.


You can block that account, I don’t plan to use it. I didn’t go to this forum much anymore, but due to the big update, I came to see the response of the players, but I couldn’t get to my main account, so I used “alt”. The problem is that I use a email on this account, which I lost access to because it was secured using a phone number that I no longer own and I also did not know the secondary email. But I solved it so I don’t need the second account at all. Thanks

Hey…we will have a “glider” bat in 3.0, maybe Fortnite-like battle royale mode is not that far away :slight_smile:

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Please do not corrupt this forum with that blasphemy lol

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Haha xD

Actually to bring my vision up…I think pvp should be a longer BR type of thing. Each Sunday the server refreshes and you have a week to build up and fight it out. Placeables, foundations, and kill count all are tallied in a per person manner (clans divvy up equally) and leadership board done for the week prior.