Battle pass feedback

Updating the webpage maybe?

Per the patch Notes for TestLive, those are disabled right now.


I was hoping that it was just the purchasing of anything but they were still visible.:frowning:

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Very nice . Thank you for those imagines. Off the site? They look familiar from there is why I ask.

OK that’s the battle pass as it stands currrently. I think it’s easily worht $10. Please note that they said in the stream that $10=1200 CC which means there is bonus coin for amount purchased as we (or at least I) suspected.

The first set much earlier in this thread came from various sources of streams and or pics that were presented and I just needed the last three pages to complete all 60 rewards and they just did that in the live stream on twitch so I snagged screen shots there.

Good Idea. Archiving is appreciated . Thank you for doing it and I might borrow some of it . :smiley:

Informed consumers are happy consumers


Agreed :smiley:

Hi peeps. I have not posted in a long time but I feel I need to give my opinion on this. I have read every post in this topic and some have it spot on and others are waaaaay out there.

I am only going to post this once. This is my point of view as a manager of our own company, a systems engineer, and a girl of 39.

I have been with CE since the very beginning in 2017. I have had a private server shortly after release and mods added shortly after that. The server currently cost 108 Pounds per 6mo. I crossed the 5,000 hr mark not long ago and own all DLCs on two accounts (not on sale either because I wanted to support Funcom). I have no doubt supported Funcom.

Some peeps argue that CE is a Live Service game. I argue where and how? Just because Funcom is offering DLCs and Official Servers for peeps? Funcom does offer patches from time to time but those patches fix some things and other things already fixed surface or new things surface (latest missing and bugged food anyone?). Funcom NEEDS to fix this game which they simply refuse to do.

This game is currently the best it has ever been, in my opinion. It is stable and the mods I have work extremely well in this latest version of CE post the Nemedian DLC. So how many bugs and issues are we going to complain about again with all the coming changes. Are some of you so f-ing blind that there will not be a slew of issues? That will take forever, if ever, to resolve. Are so many of you Okay with the sure fact that the BUY CROM COINS is right there in your face in a Survival Crafting Game that is NOT a live service game? Ohhh wait…it WILL BE a live service game once 3.0 releases.

Look at the evidence and think a little. Using a spell to harvest in seconds. Not broken right? Basically peeps will not be using Hardened Steel + Advanced Tool Upgrade kit as their go to default tools. In fact most of the tools will become obsolete. For those that PvP some of these spells will simply ruin it. Just look at the evidence…ask yourself…are these ‘Cosmetic’? Obviouosly no. Are these a welcomed addition to the game? Some will say yes and some like me will say f–k no. I love playing as a witch as well.

Also of noted for those that are okay micro-transactions in your game. Think of it this way. When I go to Fry’s here in Arizona to get my market stuff…when I first enter are the ‘Amazing Deals’ at the entrance of the store. Hmmm…I have 2 bottles of Mayo at home but this 50% DEAL is amazing…okay…shelf life is long on these so…I pick up 4 more. I SAVED money! Woo Hooo! I have Mayo for many weeks! So, both benefit, correct? This is Okay practice, right? Maybe.

The market needs to sell off extra product they have…these are PHYSICAL goods and they are products that tend to be popular. These products sell so that the market makes money but also, so they empty this stock for fresh. With GAMES this is NOT the case. These products are NOT physical goods. They are services that have MINIMAL costs to produce with ENDLESS sales potential. To have this on the FUNCOM WEB STORE…fine…great…do it…peeps can choose to go there. To have this IN GAME is 100% wrong and predatory.

I will say this, I am certainly not one to see these trinkets and gadgets and not be lured to spending. I have money…very well off in fact. So the COST of these things is kind of irrevalent. I WILL buy something that looks nice. Like that Sandstone Expansion kit. Oooo…Shiny…I HAVE to have that! A few other things I saw too. I WILL want those! I am being LURED into buying them by those things being in my face constantly.

For those that actually do some thinking…that is total cr-p…umm…every time you LOOK at Battlepass and take care of these stupid simple tasks…the seed is planted with the shinies. It is subliminal. Your brain records that and then after some time NORMALIZES this. Once you are normalized you will think this is no longer an issue. This is just a thing really…click buy…click buy…click buy. Just do it!

Also…Pippi is our first major mod loss due to this update. I am 100% certain other major mods are also on the chopping block. But But But Rohi…who cares about mods on consoles! Consoles are the main group of players! We don’t care about your Role Playing and Admin mods! Well…on PC the Role Play servers are keeping this empty shell of a game alive. If I was to continue with my server it would have to return to Vanilla (no mods) until this whole mess is sorted. Then…every time Funcom updates the game with NEW Battlepass Content…there is HIGH risk that mods are broken until they are compiled to the new Dev Kit. Been there…done that…has been like this since the beginning. This is so painful and simply p-sses players off. We deal with it because we love our Role Play in CE.

Lastly on this wall of opinion text is…why? Why not fill in a lot of the empty places and expand upon the obvious place holder spawns in many of the areas of the game. Admins like me use Pippi to fill in these areas to add some great fun to adventuring. The vanilla game is an empty shell. An amusement park that has super boring rides. Wait! Rohi! We can build with nice DLC parts! Ummm…yeah. That is what this game is mostly about. Harvesting and Building. Drink and Food is stupid easy so the survival is basically from Spawn In to the River…that is it…unless an Admin (like me) moves sliders around to make survival much more interesting. So why not FIX the outstanding issues in the game…like the current bugged food…bread baked in the FURNACE but ALL other bread is on the stove via recipes…many forms of cheating still happening…any number of REPORTED and ACKNOWLEDGED bugs that remain in the game. Why not fix that? You sold us a MVP (Minimum Viable Product) and keep selling more DLCs and not fixing the game. Add more shinies to keep us customers quiet!

In any case…I am totally happy with where the game is at right now…not with 3.0 and the predatory subliminal practices of this new pairing…tied to the long awaited Thurian Sorcery.

All of this just stinks badly of greed 101. Sell a DLC and I am all in on both accounts. Do this subliminal endless sales thing and I am 100% not in. You lost me as a customer.

That is my 2 silver coins. Some of you glare at the text and start shaking…I have to read all that? No but this topic is not an easy one to think about and give a proper opinion/advice. It takes some text and reading to put it down properly. This is what some of you did above and that is appreciated.

Bye Funcom…my server is closing once 3.0 releases. You lost Good Faith and a Paying Customer.
:kiss: Rohi


Yea, I agree those “shiny” in-game shops are just not okay… Sure… it might make a bit more money… but like I said before, I’d rather buy a whole new set of 12 new DLCs at full price too than to have to learn a silly flashy in-game shop and its ins and outs…

And heck if it was a clean-cut shop then it’s one thing… but mixing them in this fashion where you have to “learn” yet again a new pointless shopping system… makes me feel like: “I’m too old for that sh*t” :smiley:
It has one purpose… confuse and distract the player as much as possible so you can milk them dry of money… and it’s always been the sole purpose of these types of shops… nothing more.

I have no issue with the Sorcery update (thou I’m fairly uninformed) - as in new stuff being added to the game, but I really don’t want these battle passes and bazaars and whatnots… heck… I’d pay just to not have them lol…

As for the current state of the game, I too have been playing since early access 2017 and I also think the game is in its best state at the moment, thou can still nitpick and find issues obviously, but compared to what it went through, I’m happy with it now and I was eagerly awaiting the new update right until I read this thread a few days ago, since up to that point I had no idea this in-game shop nonsense is coming… now the “eagerly awaiting” turned to a bit of anxiety and wondering how much of their “self respect” are they willing to give up for a bit more money and how much they’ll try to screw us over with this :slight_smile:

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I am not going to comment on the Battle Pass or Bazaar, since everyone has an opinion on it which vary.

I am only commenting on Pippi situation.

While I am definitely sad that Pippi will not be updated for 3.0. I will not be blaming Funcom or Joshtech for that. Neither is at fault. Pippi supposedly will still work up to a point (some testing by Shupaa - thanks for your work on that matter) but obviously, it will not completely function like it would before. Mods will eventually break with game changes/additions. It’s expected.

Sorcery and Attribute changes would have caused issues with Pippi right off the bat since these are additions to the game, so even without Bazaar and Battle Pass, Pippi would have had issues. I am not sure the new building feature would caused some issues as well, it may or it may not. I have no idea. So, in reality, Pippi would be a somewhat broken mod (with functioning sections of the mod) no matter what. I guess it is not fatally broken since testing was conducted with Pippi, which is a good thing.

I may end up still use Pippi post 3.0 for my 4 servers, if things I care about in Pippi still works as noted in the tests, Kits, Professional Thespians, warps, and some Mushi Scripts, etc., so overall, I might not be effected by the 3.0 patch at all under than tweaking my scripts for any 3.0 changes. Then again, realistically until I personally test it, I won’t know for certain. It could have more issues on my servers based on my setup and tons of mods I use. (Social Merchants I heard is broken, so that would be a loss)

Unfortunately, as noted before mods break with changes to the game. With such a huge demand for Sorcery and demand for attribute revamp, 3.0 was guaranteed to cause some issues to mods unintentionally.

On a different note, there are 4 mod authors (or groups) that working on replacing Pippi in some fashion or another. No idea how successful they will be. I been taking note of their concepts/progress and suggestions given. With 4, there is a good chance there is a good replacement that server admins wish to use. (Please note, there may be more than 4, only aware of 4 at the moment)

Well, I wish you luck in your future endeavors, gaming or otherwise. I am sure your server player base will miss playing on your server once the server closes. 5 years of server dedication is always appreciated by the players who play on your server. You are one of the pioneers of server admins.

Shupaa Early Testing notes on Pippi with 3.0

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Sorry to see you go Rohi :cry: There is no reason to have shop in game that can’t be used and things purchased with in game obtained currency (ie. items you gather and find in the game not purchased outside of the game) .

In game for ingame.

@Sir.Henry.Vale I am watching this closely as well as are many of my friends. If it becomes that (good) skins for objects in the game are only possible now with real money purchases the door will shut.

Not sure what you meant good skins for objects are only possible now with real money purchases? Weren’t majority of the good looking objects were only purchasable such as Khitian (my favorite gear look, mostly wear and use since I gotten the DLC). Granted, things were added to the game for free over time but most things came through DLCs so not sure how that changes much in reality. Unless I am misunderstanding your statement.

Was referring to Pippi and other mods that provide not vanilla game new skins provided by the mod . Good new skins with no purchase of dlc or microtransactions in game again provided by mods.

I was not going to reply again to cause debate. I stated my opinion but this blind state of opinion/fact is total denial. Not hostile by the way…even if it comes off this way. I don’t mute (like some other cowards in these forums) but I will go off happily and find a new company to support. I will never post again.
BTW…our server is/was arguably the first private server available…yeah…that much of a CE pioneer.
:kiss: Rohi

Ummmm…you did just prove my small comment about the loss of Pippi due to 3.0 releasing? This game will be changing so drastically that it is actually a new game (and an almost rewrite of Pippi). Just look at your picture and the fatal flaws are what we use Pippi the most for. And you say you can live with Fatal Flaws across 4 servers? Truly Amazing! Now tell me. Really, I would love to know (rhetorical question). Why would NPC Spawners break in a Facial Change (new UIs) and Attribute Change in the game? They are eggs with scripts that spawn creatures. No version has broken these since Pippi first released them. Zero…I use them A LOT. So why now? After all these years? Ohhhhhh…right…it is because of what Funcom is doing in 3.0. Spin it however you want the blame fully lays in Funcom’s laps. By the way…Funcom 100% knows about Pippi and how great a tool it is. Why is Funcom not making a deal with Joshtech for the Pippi rights and include it in the base game? Hmmmm

Does nobody else see what is going on? Few have the temerity to stand up to the developer and state…

Funcom…this is NOT the game you sold us. You are changing it but keeping the same label. For what? Pure Profit is what. Greed 101. Simple as that.

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All I can say, Joshtech kept the upkeep of Pippi where it continued to work properly. Kudos to Joshtech and his 5 years of work on this mod. Without his upkeep, I am sure it would have broken a long time ago.

Technically that game they original sold has changed so many times, when they added anything post official release. New Dungeons, horses, new follower system, various changes to the combat system, able to edit your character looks, pickup feature of building pieces, modification to the attributes (before 3.0), revamp the capitols, etc. Granted, you dislike the direction of the game is going which is fine.

Well, noted about my servers regarding Pippi mod, if it does not break my server, I will keep Pippi up initially until I decide which new admin mod I want to migrate to. While its hopeful for many that they will be ready for 3.0, but realistically that is unlikely to happen in a larger scope of the mod capabilities. Yes, some things will be ready at 3.0 patch day, but without testing which one I want to use first. Plus, I may like one over the other, if I had time to select over which one came out the door first. So, in other words, not going to rush into it if I do not have to.

I do not use spawners so that will cause any issues for my servers. No idea why they broke either. We do use Social Merchants, but I already told my player base to plan to remove them and its items prior to the patch so they will not lose those items. Otherwise, appears the other features tested so far work that I use. I will conduct tests for the Mushi scripts if they work or not - only other possible issue I may have. I personally do not care if banners, musicbox, wall paper, globes, pippijack breaks. They are minor items that could be lost. I use them all though so I would have to remove them before the patch. I did not use the Egress feature.

Appears the market (kits, professional merchants, dialogue thespians) still works which is my main major concern. Testing Player and Clan management is my other concern but I can live without that temporarily if it doesn’t work properly. Warps / Portals works so that is good.

Really it comes down to spawners which is a concern for those who use them. So, yes in my case, I will use Pippi if it works fine with my 47 other mods and my server setup. I may test this over the weekend. No idea which other mods works and which will require updating. I know my server mod will require updating since it altered attributes setup. Something I will have to fix.

On greed. The Battle Pass, I have no issues with since its technically it’s a one-time cost. You get refunded if you do the challenges. Not something you need to purchase either. Approximately $10 for this seems fine to me.

Bazaar that replaces the DLC concept. Without knowing the prices, I am not going to comment regarding the price theories, since its speculation at the moment. Yes, I figure the Bazaar will be more costly than the DLC overall, but I will hold my judgement until its official released. Most commented on the prices already based on conjecture of the potential currency will cost, which if it is that truly that high, I will not buy majority of those items either. I probably cherry pick some things if I really want them. Since I use mods on my servers, to be honest, it’s not like I need any items sold anyway. So, if they over price them, they will get less sales. I spend ton of money as it is on the servers, DLCs, website, mod authors donations, UE Marketplace items for future mods I hope to make, etc.

Thanks for your time responding to my reply :slight_smile:

Added note, losing Pippi mod will hurt all that use it. That is a fact. Even with a replacement, it will take time to implement, reset your old settings, script, kits, merchants and such. It will hurt some servers more than others pending how much they integrated Pippi onto their server. So those who use Pippi will miss it for sure.

I updated the Pippi testing for 3.0 in this thread (slightly above early post) and the Pippi thread someone created.


Correct me please if I am wrong and allow me to share another bad joke here!!
Is this battle pass discussion or battle Royal?
We all wished to see this game going on didn’t we?
They still offer the chance for players to play for free, aren’t they?
If the prizes are high or low we will see it to discuss it “after” the release, it is mentioned many times isn’t it?
Didn’t they listen all these years?
Anyway, no reason for fights I say that’s all!!!
See you tomorrow.


Depends on how many items. Like the culture packs all at once.