Battle pass new one

Does anyone know when the current battlepass ends and the new one begins?

next age is early July i believe

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There has been no official announcement yet, best guess is next month at some point.

Yup, tired of looking at the old pass at this point.
Seems like it’s been there longer than it should have been and it has certainly overstayed it’s welcome imo lol.
Not that i am in any hurry to spend money on it, i still like to earn the freebie items from it, and who knows, maybe the next one i might find worth my coins.

That is pretty vague for a best guess. I can guess better than that.

If we find the average number of days between each previous chapter, it is 96.5 days.

96 days from last release on 2nd of April puts us on the 7th of July, but that is a Sunday. They aren’t going to release on the weekend, and probably not on a Monday either, so I’ll put forward the 9th of July as the “best guess.”

I’m guessing 22-28 of June. But you’ll get a heads up when it hits test live.
Maybe, don’t think anyone is on testlive anymore.

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