Battle Pet Buffs not working on player

I have Moon child and The destroyer pets, their buffs are supposed to be as the Kappa pet buffs and affect the player as far as i’m aware.
they are not currently having any affect on my characters that own these pets, the destroyers retributive damage buff isn’t making my character give retributive damage to anything and the moon child isn’t increasing my damage in any way that i can tell.
i believe i have other pets with buffs that are not affecting my characters, but i can’t remember which/if this is correct.
currently the only one working that i’ve noticed is the Kappa buff, and i haven’t tested if the effect does anything for my characters or i just have a buff icon sitting there telling me it’s doing something.

I’m particularly miffed about the moon-child as i specifically grinded Scholars rep for it and i hate grinding with a passion.
Please fix soon.

Here is some info about the Moon Child pet :

Mm, well thanks for letting me know i was misinformed about the moon-child pet.
But what about The Destroyer, it has retributive damage buff active on itself but anything i tell it to attack automatically attacks me. Surely the retributive buff is meant for me?

I don’t think so. Pets can be attacked under some circumstances. The most obvious one is if you have a melee pet, you root a mob that doesn’t have ranged attacks and you move away. In this case the mob will start to attack your pet instead, since it can’t reach you.

A melee pet is attacked everytime the mob cannot attack his/her owner. Example in Slightering Chaos, second boss, if you flee over the stairs and you have aggro, the boss vents his anger on the poor cacodemon

That’s a pretty specific situation for it to be useful in…

combat pets are mostly useless indeed.

There arent other situation where you are able to use pets using any strategy. Pets are pretty unusefull, mostly social

In fact the best pets are the Kappas and the Furious Spirit, because they give you a buff.

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The Moon Child pet doesn’t affect you (expecialy it doesn’t give the immunity and evasion buffs making Cheng Ho mobs virtually unkillable in some moon phases) and its damage is negligible BUT it has a 10 s cooldown and if used after another khitai pet resets to 10 s the previous pet cooldown.

Think this scenario:
*you cast Yellow Lotus (Yun pet) that stuns up to 2 players/mobs for 2 seconds (and it works even if you are mounted)
*Yellow Lotus normal cooldown is 2 minutes
*You cast Moon Child (Moon Child casting time is 2 seconds and maintime your opponents can be cc again) and the cooldown of Yellow Lotus becomes 10 s (like the Moonchild one)
*your Yellow Lotus stun is already ready just in time your opponent stun debuff is expired

Moral of the story: everything is useful when you know how to use


but wasn’t it better to dismount and behead them with a big axe instead of playing disk-jokey with pets? :rofl:
also because besides being a very specific case using two specific pets; stun stun stun is cute, but maybe doing a little damage would be nice

I don’t have an axe, my friend :slight_smile: …and the scenario was intended as a group one

That’s very bad! You need to get one ASAP! :grin:

You mean open world, because this kind of pets can’t be used in instances. And grouping in open world, after lvl 80, is as rare as it can be… :grimacing:

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You should go to fury, it’s not rare there

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You’re right, I have to admit that I had even forgotten about its existence… :laughing:

in open pvp is almost unuseful in identical way, because after 1 stun, players are immune to every stun for 40 seconds, and this is just to avoid similar tricks in which the first one who uses a CC wins spamming CC so after Lotus stun you have dismount and fight or flee, you cannot play on pokemon with pets!

It still is an additional stun in case others are on cd. And its instant aoe as well