Battlehorns PvE / RP

We summon you to participate in a great adventure taking place in Battlehorns server.

As an exile, face the biggest trials, free yourself from the past, gather your allies and conquer your place in the world. Be prepared for what is to come, many will attempt to drag you down once again, so set your base defenses and stay alert. But do not worry too much, your foes won’t be too hard and not too easy. Besides, you may always find an helping hand in moments of need.

Feel free to join our Discord channel at discord kQWqzBw to get more information, suggest changes and improvements.

We wish you the best luck in your adventure!

  • The Battlehorns staff.

Features: PvE, Age of the Calamitous, RP friendly, Player based market, 18+ Content

Some Features

01 - Cap Level 120
02 - AFK friendly
03 - Daytime increased & night-time decreased
04 - Purges Enabled Level 6, 15 preparation, 30 duration
05 - Decay disabled
06 - Avatars Enabled
07 - PvE enabled
08 - No items loss on dead
09 - Vendors and Market Spot and System
10 - Arena
11 - Custom server events
12 - Cool and pretty Staff Members hahahahhaha

Check our Dircord for more info.