Battlekeep materials?

My ignorance is probably showing but how do you actually create a clan Battlekeep in the Border Kingdoms from scratch? Yes I’m aware of the T3 keep stuff and that you have to gather PvP resources but what exactly are “heavy brick”, “heavy joist” etc. and how do you craft these? Especially since they don’t seem to be listed with the crafting recipes.

You need to find the recipes. They are scattered in the cimerian border kingdom.

They are also guarded by epic mobs so expect some difficulty if you go alone. Or bring a group of friends.

Look around the CE border kingdoms for large groups of enemy npcs. there is usually a scroll lying around, sometimes in a tent or on a stone slab or table. it will have the telltale blue glow.

they really should add these recipes to the other zones… I’m so sick of CE being the predominant pvp zone. Make Kush Great again!!!

Or just play on fury lol

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I would but every time i log over it’s dead

What time (time zone?)

Ah that explains why theres mobs around on CE while the other border kingdoms are deserted. Thanks!

US eastern prime time