Battlepass, Challenges, and Bazaar Broken

I think Funcom is going to learn a hard lesson here that the (relatively) lenient and forgiving nature of how they dealt with bugs in the past is going to vanish right damn quick now that they’ve added even more cost and now time limits to this nonsense.


Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for the report. We are currently aware of and investigating the matter; as soon as we have more information to share, we’ll let you know!!

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I’m like you I just logged out. The one item I was looking to purchase is up but can’t get it because of whatever reason funcom hasn’t disclosed, must be G14 Classified or something. I’m a just hit the gym and it may be fixed when I get back. Who knows.

Looks like their cloud services for api calls is down. Failed: Request Timeout or null response
[2022.09.15-18.44.45:955][535]LogFuncomLiveServices:Error: Failed: Request Timeout or null response

Even the new bug report form does not work, which is kinda hilarious. But yes, I can’t use challenges, I cannot see bazaar and, most annoying of all, I can’t use anything with a skin.

What exactly is wrong with it? I’m aware of some issues but I’d like to know more!

Also, it’s looking like services are recovering. Please let us know how it looks for you.

Please tell me there is not going to be ANOTHER 42gb patch tomorrow?

It will take me a few days to finish this current patch. You can’t keep releasing 40+gb patches to fix a few lines of code!

Indeed , having issues with items that you spent money on , not being able to use them in game if the store has " conectivity issues" , or having “the store/battlepass bugging” , will certainly backfire harder than bugs not directly tied to finaciary aspect … I’m kind of mad that they screwed up the basic thing of having the item available after you bought it , no matter what state the shop is , or the battlepass …

Yeah, this is very true. There’s a huge difference between playing a game for ‘free’, and playing a game that you’ve bought a battlepass/subscription for. Paying customers expect a certain level of customer support and for bugs to be dealt with swiftly and efficiently.

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The Bazaar isn’t loading. The Battle Pass and challenges are loading, but the challenges don’t update when I try to complete them. I can’t craft battle pass items or spawn them in from the admin panel. They are missing from the knowledge menu. Watcher items are also missing again.

I wish they’d just sell dlc’s that don’t depend on their servers working and can be used in offline mode. And what happens if they one day decide to stop developing the game and shut down servers? Do we lose everything we paid for? I bought the battle pass because for $10 I can get all future battle passes, but I am very hesitant to buy bazaar items because the prices are ridiculous for something that you might lose access to.

I made a point to mention how people responded to bugs in the past was a relative nature - I always play on single player and I see how a lot of bugs will effect people who run servers far more than myself and that led to people like me being a bit more patient with the traditionally rough-shod way they did things. Stuff like this, though? Nah, now we’re all the same boat and almost everybody is going to start having their patience wear thin.

I know I had to go outside and watch the deer in my yard for a bit to not get too heated over all the issues they’ve been having with these new systems. Personally, I’m facing the prospect of potentially not having internet available for several months soon while I help a friend who lives out-of-state. It’d be one thing if I just didn’t manage to complete the BP before that happened - it’s a wholly different thing if I can’t get stuff I paid for because of continual issues with things like multipliers disappearing or it just not registering that I did challenges because of problems on their end.


For me, this is close to the target, but not quite there. I considered myself a “paying customer” even before 3.0, because I bought the base game and all the DLCs, which sums up to a non-trivial amount of money.

However, before 3.0, I could easily tolerate all kinds of bugs except those that would actually prevent me from logging in to play, and Funcom would usually squash those bugs rather quickly. So as long as I wasn’t in danger of losing all my stuff to decay, things were fine by me.

BP challenges changed all that. There’s money on the line here, even if that money is just the equivalent of $10. BP is time-restricted and any bug that interferes with my ability to complete the BP challenges annoys the hell out of me and wears thin my patience and (what’s left of) my goodwill towards Funcom.

I guess that when a company implements FOMO tactics, they shouldn’t be surprised that people are annoyed with their subpar QA outcomes for fear of missing out… Whodathunkit?


I’m finding I’m bedeviled by bugs. In fact I’ve never seen the Bugs Pages so full and active. So active it makes me lose track of the solution I’d offered about the BP multipliers. My solution relied on faulty assertions, so after testing it appears we’ll need another patch, or intervention from the Team to clear these issues up.

Here’s the entreaty to slide into Funcom’s DMs:

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This…this is why I support the current system…because you are 100% correct. Every day things aren’t getting fixed, means another dollar is missed. See it’s real easy to discount time tables if the customer base is casual and will buy things knowing that it’s going to get fixed…eventually. It’s completely different in that your business success is directly linked to the quality of goods because there is a time table that has to be done else you lose the sale and, potentially, customer.

There is a method to the madness here in these types of environments and quality of goods in a timely manner in an open sales environment is critical and this demands companies to continuously improve else get left behind.

Oh, man. I wish I had your optimism.

See, the problem is that you can’t magically unfuсk the codebase just because there’s more pressure from sales now. I mean, sure, some of these problems don’t have to do with code. The problems with highly misleading BLB item descriptions, for example, can be fixed easily. But code is a different beast.

If you let sales and marketing drive the bus, all you’ll get is discouraged and frustrated engineers. Even if they all quit or you fire them, the problems in code will still be there, but now the people who knew them well are gone, and you have a bunch of new engineers looking at the code and going “OMFG, what have I gotten myself into”.

I’ve been on projects where things were bad from the engineering point of view and the suits thought that the solution was to get “tougher” with goals and KPIs, and they pretty much went to shіt.

And yeah, I’m fully aware that I don’t actually have access to the Conan Exiles codebase, so all that I’m writing here can be dismissed as a conjecture. Nobody has to believe me, but I’ve been developing software long enough that I can recognize certain smells for what they are.

Also, I’m not judging the devs themselves. You can have decent devs and end up with problematic code for a whole variety of reasons. Writing good code and keeping it good are difficult things to do.

So I’m sorry if I’m being too negative here, but your view reminds me of the situation in Chile right now: after 30 years of corruption, abuse of power, and rising inequality, the country is in a state that can’t be magically fixed by their efforts to rewrite their constitution. The idea is a good one, but it’s not going to solve their current problems. :man_shrugging:


That’s just it…no one department should be driving the bus. LEADERSHIP is the one that drives the bus. If you let one department drive the bus, then bias kicks in. If it’s sales, then we get stupid stuff like arcane weapons being described as spell foci in attempts to spin more sales with misleading information. If it’s Engineering/design, then we get 3 months of over 100 people’s salaries put into something that goes to market for $10.

ALL departments are needed to flesh out true costs of good, appropriate mark ups based on industry standards and quality of goods, etc etc etc. With leadership at the helm ensuring all parts of the business are in a state of constant feedback and positive directions.

As for coding…I know enough to get into trouble so I let experts deal with that but I always put out that the coding needs to be viewed with repair and revision in mind. Like anything built, if you don’t leave room for repair/revised, it gets ugly fast…be it a program, a house, a car, or chemical formulation. Too many times shortcuts are taken to avoid delays but you get bit in the behind later when you have to fix something.

Does anyone know what’s up with the Khitain Captain Illusion Set for 0 crom coins and why nobody is allowed to use it?

Doesn’t matter if you bought the battle pass or not
If you ever bought crom coins or not
If you still have crom coins in your balance or not
If you own the dlc or not
No one can use them

They are greyed out for 19 people I talked with (including me)

Yep. In software, you can get away with it for a while, but it builds up. We call that “technical debt”, and it’s important to keep it under control.

Yes. And it’s the leadership that let the bus drive off road and get its suspension wrecked :wink:

Sometimes I get the impression that people – not necessarily you – see software development as some kind of mechanical job, where you sit down and you churn out code and that’s it. The reason why I say that is because not many people outside the industry seem to understand that the “culture” inside the company has a huge impact on the software that gets built.

Game development, as an industry within the larger software development industry, already has a big problem with culture. That, in itself, makes game development more problematic than most other kinds of software development.

Now, I’m not saying that Funcom is the worst there, not at all. There are companies that are much, much worse than that. Still, you can see how they’ve been driving the aforementioned metaphorical bus all this time. I don’t know about you, but I’m not exactly inspired by their leadership, or have much faith left.


I thank you daily in my head but you really deserve public praise for this. You’re a treasure.

There’s also one other thing I’ve learned after 26 years of making my own business rules: if you’re not selling, you’re rusting. Nothing demotivates a team like loss of sales velocity. Thar be sharks ahead.


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