Battlepass easy progression in admin mode

Since it’s going away, I no longer have any qualms against sharing how my household does this. For my example I will use the t4 giant firebowl cauldron.

Step 1: Admin mode activated w/all recipes unlocked.
Step 2: create four Giant Firebowl Cauldrons
Step 3: Create four t4 alchemists and place them at the stations.
Step 4: set crafting speed to fastest in server settings.
Step 5: load up each station with enough mats to make 2000+ alchemical base.
Step 6: Queue up the maximum amount of alchemical base on all the stations and go make a sandwich or fire up your favorite tv show.
Step 7: Profit until you hit the daily limit. Spawn in more mats if need be.

Or create Steelfire. Whatever, just queue up a bunch stuff.

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Your means is a bit slower than the way most people do this. Its a bit quicker to use a star metal tier recipe.

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I didnt use admin mode, I had the resources to make a truckload of perfected paddings.
And they were actually useful as I had quite a few thralls to outfit.


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