Battlepass freezes game

Bug- Battlepass freezes game when opened
Platform- ps4

I was going to buy the new battlepass and every time i open the Battlepass tab the game freezes. I tried doing it offline single player, online coop singleplayer and online in a server. I have closed the game and restarted my PS4 nothing seems to fix it every time i open the battlepass window the game freezes.

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I hav the same problem and hav had it for a week now were, every time i go to it , it freezes the game


Before the last update I had this problem also after update it cleared up thought that was for everyone sorry for to hear you could make a Zendesk report Monday. Funcom Zendesk. Com @RAD021210 @GrahVhalok

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This is happening to me as well every time I enter battlepass

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