Battlepass speedrun completed

No money was spent on levels. Normal 10$ battlepass.

AMA :wink:

Long eons have passed since my reign as a master of the Black Ring.
There, I communed with devils and embraced the power of the dark arts.
My power grew, but I was no match for an upstart with a potent relic.
Now, like you, I am banished by Thoth-amon. Exiled. Powerless.
I have traversed this forsaken land, seeking artifacts of power.
Some have recognized my dark art and brought me evidence of sorcery.
These sorcerers will spill their secrets, by mouth or by vein.
I see clearly now that blood is the path to power.
With each blood-letting, my knowledge grows. The tome is complete.
Thoth-amon will fear my name, Mek-kamoses!


Are you saying you already cleared all levels of the BP?:scream:

Yes. Within 24 hours.

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You, Sir, are a freaking LEGEND!

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:relaxed: miff… I’m about level 9 or something! :laughing:

Wow. Dat’s fast. I think i may be on lvl 2? Maybe 3 :joy:

Do mine next :joy: I’m lazy

i am only 15 lvl wtf???

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