Bazaar? Missed package

Yesterday I saw a package in the bazaar that I would have liked to buy. Unfortunately I didn’t pay attention to the time and so I just saw that the package is no longer offered. Can these packages be purchased elsewhere?


They’ll show back up.

Don’t think theres a known list/order thou…

I hope so :cry:

it was a nice expansion for the Turanian building pack

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They come around again. I missed something I thought I wanted.
Got it a month or so later.

Unfortunately no. I wish Funcom could sell on costumers through this forum bazaar packages. But this could create by pass issues. What i mean is that every store like steam, ps store, etc… makes profit from each purchase, it’s not only Funcom who makes money from these transactions. So if this happened in here maybe it would create by pass issues. I believe this was the reason that we didn’t had “save the children” bazzar items.
Or maybe i am wrong after all and one day we will have a more analytic bazzar option in here, who knows?

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