Bazaar Prices are FINE! Im gonna gladly buy few skins to support game dev - You don't have to buy all at once!

That tells me you don’t know anything about how it works. You undercut any point you may have worth listening to with these statements.

I mean, Tencent owns Funcom. They are the boss. Funcom may have creative freedom, but their financial choices are 100% influenced by orders given by Tencent.

A certain level of profit is expected from Conan or it’s going to get shut down. Tencent decides how much they want and probably tells FC what to do in this regard on how to achieve those profits.

You think it’s some kind of random coincidence that Tencent is KNOWN for toxic MTX stuff, and we’re now getting that with the Bazaar?

It’s not a coincidence. It’s what Funcom will be doing in all their games from now on.

Also, for those reading it. There’s a freebie on the Bazaar for 2 weeks.
A one-time Khitan Captain illusion set. To basically give you items to look like the one from that older DLC by glamming it over something else.


I guarantee they do not tell FC to do X to make profit, otherwise they wouldnt need the fc ceo…


None of us really know to what degree Tencent influences things at Funcom, if they do it from afar of if they appoint ‘their’ people to actual positions in Funcom itself.

And the thing is, it doesn’t really matter. It’s relevant only as a possible explanation for things changing. Our business relationships are with Funcom, same as always. We can give feedback, and vote with our wallets, and that’s about it. And I personally do both, though if one were to pick, the wallet is by far the more important.

Also, the notion that this has anything to do with one’s financial capabilities is laughable.


I dont think we should even discuss devs inner business relations with 10C at all… general public not allowed to such kind of info so this is empty talk
we should only vote with our reviews, wallets and time, invested in this game…
I spend 4 usd on the Riddle of Steel DLC (according to players one of the weakest) and not regretting it (some stuff are really cool)
This is how you make money - with reasonable prices

But its more fun to pretend you know the inner workings of the game studio and then build up an argument against that flimsy data and have a 100 reply circular argument about it :smiley:

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I would legit not be surprised to find out it was because they feared a backlash from people who already bought it. Imagine the vitriol.


I can afford them. They’re overpriced and overvalued for what they offer. If you peer back into the previous DLC, it’s not even the same by even a small margin.

3 weapons - $10
Entire weapon sets, 3 sets of armor, building glamour and sometimes more - $10

You can go ahead and spend your $10 on those 3 deceptively advertised weapons marked with day 1 discounted prices - but, they’re not going to get more money from me from their obviously money grabbing overpriced items from me and mine.


that just comes with any update though. If folks don’t understand player numbers are needed to add to the pool of customers and funnel actual real sales (vs 7k very happy customers collecting around 100 items for $10/ quarter) then something has to change. It was huge to change how revenue is earned, in this time, the cart is already upturned so why not add in F2P as well. If you wait, things settle down and then you realize you gotta increase the player base significantly to warrant the sales needed and you got a brand new thing for folks to be outraged by. It’s simply pulling off the bandaid idea. Do you go slow and take 15 minutes of pain or do you just rip it off in 2 seconds and deal with a short pain burst and get on with what you are doing?

Because the last DLC was prior to TC taking over. Look at all the other games Ten Cent owns and you can see the trend. The will make more profit from those item prices then you realize. Just because you think something is over-priced doesn’t mean others agree with you. Video games in general are a money grab but I am from a generation that spent more time outside and Pong was released as a table in bars and restaurants. Even arcade games were by definition money grabs. Quarter, Quarter , Quarter :sunglasses:


Then you should recognize, just like me, which idiom this image refers to:


I wasn’t arguing that it’s not going to make them money. There will always be people that think it’s garbage and others that think it’s a treasure, I for one think it’s garbage - but hey… that’s my own opinion. You’re free to spend your money on it, that was always allowed. But sometimes companies take notice and change - other times they don’t give a damn and go on.

I’m hoping they take notice if enough people voice criticism. If not, oh well - they’ll lose a few sales.

I’m an old one myself, but age shouldn’t equate to excusing perceived value from other people on things. I think parts of the new system need to be revamped while other parts have makings to be great if they didn’t release a junked product.

Performance fell off, there are problems with the new BP that more and more people are finding issues with. The wording on bazaar items are deceptive. If your account or server loses connection to live services you can be locked out of items you’re paying for, etc.

Of course people will buy the bazaar. There will always be people who see value where others don’t. If you want to buy a pet rock, don’t let me stop you - it’s just not for me. People will agree, people won’t. That’s life.


Incorrect. The People of the Dragon/Nemedian DLC was released well after Tencent bought Funcom. That DLC is also one of the better ones because the building parts fit well other building sets, both vanilla and DLC.


I tend to agree, Us old fks are stingy and stuck in our ways. Many of us remember $0.10 loaves of bread, the $800 new car, and the $6,000 three bedroom home. And weather you’re that old like me or only near it, the logic applies. We’re also used to games you pay for once and only once. What we forget is that those old games weren’t being constantly expanded and improved. I think this does indeed describe a lot of CE players… the majority? Maybe.


Yeah I’ve been doing some research, and I think an awful lot of things get blamed on Tencent when they’re actually a fairly remote parent company. Their wikipedia page even says one of their characeristics as a company is that they don’t interfere much with the non-Chinese media corps they gain controlling interest in, and just let them continue as they like. I mean it makes business sense. More sense than buying a Norwegian company because they are doing well, and then ordering them to stop what they’re doing and turn everything into Chinese-style mobile game-esque cash-grabs.

Funcom probably just sensed CE was showing it’s age and they needed money for Dune, and this sort of shit is what monetization consultants advise these days for video games. Tencent might not even know or care about any of this.


Thats a gross oversimplification of how business works. That’s like saying that nvidia is selling 3090s so they have money to develop the 4090. CE is one of their products. It will either continue to be profitable enough that people wouldnt be better placed on other projects or it won’t. So while yeah, profit from one project brings in revenue which enables new projects because of a healthy bottom line, its not that one serves the other. Not that I think that it would be, but if Dune was a hard bomb and lost money (somehow…) its not like they will kill CE because they don’t need to fund Dune anymore… the two are separate products and have separate business cases associated with them.

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But each project revenue pays into npd. New product development


That’s fair. It was a gross simplification. I withdraw that sentence, may it be stricken from the record!

This is what I was getting at with that line.

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Funcom isn’t getting one cent more from me. They have destroyed PvP with this magic crap, broken the game’s performance so it now looks like a turd while playing, not mention all the other “improvements” that make the game easier and easier so the original concept of survival before dominating has faded to the background. Poo.

I agree to part of that but I am in no way stingy. Before I was forced to retire in 2014 I used to spend 2k a month on loot boxes/cartel packs. However at 51 I remember penny candy, 25 cent a pound hamburger and 25 cents a gallon gas. A.K.A. The Good Ole Days.

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