Bazaar Prices are FINE! Im gonna gladly buy few skins to support game dev - You don't have to buy all at once!

That’s fair. It was a gross simplification. I withdraw that sentence, may it be stricken from the record!

This is what I was getting at with that line.

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Funcom isn’t getting one cent more from me. They have destroyed PvP with this magic crap, broken the game’s performance so it now looks like a turd while playing, not mention all the other “improvements” that make the game easier and easier so the original concept of survival before dominating has faded to the background. Poo.

I agree to part of that but I am in no way stingy. Before I was forced to retire in 2014 I used to spend 2k a month on loot boxes/cartel packs. However at 51 I remember penny candy, 25 cent a pound hamburger and 25 cents a gallon gas. A.K.A. The Good Ole Days.

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They aren’t getting it from you anyways. Tencent gets your money.

FC ruined console with pc parity. Made console play into a bugged out nightmare. Pc players scoffed at the console players experience, cut down legit complaints, and trolled console player posts.

Now that pc is on par with console play, basicly destroyed, pc players are srarting to sound an awful lot like console players.

But i do agree with you, fc should not expect support from its customers when fc dosent provide support to its customers.

Just an fyi, the way this patch, sorcery, effected pc, is the same result consoles get from every patch, fix, or update. Console players have been dealing with this since release. Pc players sometimes forget the grass is greenest on their side of the platform fence.

So, you’re saying it’s good then? I’m a PC guy and it’s good overall here!

The reasons console players got “cut down” as you’re claiming is because they thread-hopped PC threads without specifying they were on a console. And with the console hardware being so radically different (inferior by most people’s minds) it was and still is pretty easy to dismiss console problems when they are mixed in with a PC-centric discussion.

If I had the magic wand I would wave it and either remove CE from the stores and off every PS4 or I would hard-code it to 720p medium until they got a PS5. That would solve about 90% of the reported issues by my estimation.


I’ve noticed that a giant swathe of the complaining comes from pvp-centric competitive style aggressive players.

Gotta chime in here…not from a cost perspective. You PC folks are all sorts of insane for spending what you do on your systems. :wink:


Yeah, maybe… Most are consolers in the PC threads. Some PCers are complaining. Of PC’ers there’s the “the game is dead” crowd who will never relent no matter what. These seem to be comprised mostly of butthurt PvPers who either aren’t that good at PvP or aren’t playing the game the Funcom way and demanding FC change it to their way. And then there’s Joe Frustrated who instead of reporting a bug like a normal person will start a thread and rant for 20min first. This increases after each release because FC doesn’t have a dedicated in-house game-test department - so we end up being it. Then after most of the bugs get addressed it goes back down to normal with just the “this game is dead” bozos… etc. I dunno, those are my observations over the past 12 months anyway…

Yeah, especially now… NVidia released pricing for the 4080, and 4090… $1,300 and $1,700 OMFG!! But that said intelligent buyers can get a system that’s about 2 to 4 times more powerful than PS5 for about the same or a little less than the price as a new PS5 - and the abilities of the PS4 in PC form are often free or acquirable from dumpster diving.

This one finds it impossible to say if Bazaar prices are fine until one has already made a purchase, as the advertisement rarely matches the product.

Also, if console players are posting in the PC Forum, be kind and redirect them to this forum, the General Forum, so they can see if it’s just them or if it’s the majority of platforms having the issue.


I think if funcom decides to make partnerships to offer content in stores. people could probably buy things. i wish i had the armor of wonder women

Bazaar is still a lil bit to cheap imo!

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I know one forum user that will (perhaps) chuckle and (almost certainly) say “I told you so”, but I’m starting to wonder whether this SnakeBitezzZ dude is trolling, as opposed to being disturbingly sincere. :thinking:


Love to see how sales are going. Hell I wont even spend their money at the bazaar at those prices.

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Why other reason then bringing back up a 2 days old thread since last comment…with that kind of comment… + his profile icon…

I do not have facts, but imo anyone with a few working brain cells can make a comparison between current player numbers and bazaar. Imo the prices wont be increased, neither lowered(they make good money atm)…but, if you look at the state of the game now…they seem rather satisfied with it.

When BattlePass and Bazaar were announced i said that 20E would gladly leave my pockets each other 3 months…Way to much for what we are receiving for the 20E value…The current damage to the base game + the new 20/30k players which hit the servers with the free weekend(and many remained…for a while…) made me understand that giving them money has no value for their game, but self pockets.


I’m curious where you found this information, can you give a link to it?

I looked into it the other day, what games tencent actually have stake in - and I’ve played a few of them. Still play a couple - and their monetary systems they have in place for those… and to me, it seems you get more bang for your buck in those other games.

I was content with spending a trial run on this battle pass - but with all the issues I’m seeing with it, no … I don’t think I’ll be doing it again.

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How in the sacred halls of fuсkdom does one “prove” that one won’t spend money on something? Do enlighten me, please. I’m dying to know how to prove a negative.

If anyone’s trolling right now, it’s you, with a post that doesn’t contribute anything to the discussion, and simply indulges in completely unprovoked name-calling.