Bazaar Prices are FINE! Im gonna gladly buy few skins to support game dev - You don't have to buy all at once!

While there is a valid point there…

This one will often quibble when the new monetization is rolled out alongside one of the worst bug infestations this one can recall.
On some platforms, the game is still in a significantly worse place than before the Age of Sorcery.

The transition to a realized game as service is not exactly going smoothly. In a game that isn’t presented as a service, more bumps are forgivable. But when it’s being presented as a service, interruptions in the service are more of a problem.

Business sometimes involves the concept of value for money. The community has been used to a generally very favourable value/money (or cost/benefit of one prefers) ratio for expansion content. By comparison (and it might be just a touch disingenuous to try to look at this in a vacuum) the current offerings are… Well… Not even coming close. The difference is jarring for some.

Now, if this came with routine (weekly) updates and very active social engagement, one could say the value is in the increased Quality Assurance/Rate of Repair and Community Engagement.
But it hasn’t really come that way.
This one doesn’t blame the new Community staff if they threw the hot potato they were handed as far away as possible.
This one doesn’t know the situation in the Dev workshop.
However, known bugs keep chugging along and community engagement is about where it has always been.

The Value for Money has not improved.
Some might argue it has gotten worse.
As with any capital based society, the most impactful expression the customer can have is with purchases.
However, it is sometimes beneficial to clarify that the failure to purchase is not a condemnation of the game as a whole, but instead a specific objection to a certain correctable state of affairs.

Businesses want to generate revenue.
Usually, we can talk about tax write downs elsewhere.
Customers want good value for money.

Finding a strong range of overlap is in the best interests of all parties.

To clarify, this one will purchase from the bizarre if anything looks like a reasonable rate for what is offered. So far… Yeah. No.
Especially with how buggy the Bazaar roll out was. (Never cluck up the monetized aspects)
Others may find items worth it.

If the ratio of satisfied buyers is high enough, no amount of bad press will matter.
But if the ratio of buyers drops too low, it is good to have stated reasons why the purses were closed.


Even a switch to remove building damage until the fix is in…but then again duping would be going on while waiting so servers would crash with explosions the minute building damage was turned back on…just remove all jars. The building mats are mostly irrelevant and it’s the explosives that are the issue


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