Bazaar refunds for misrepresented items

Well thats sort of annoying…but at the same time goods turn around are off so that still provides opportunity to obtain.

It would be exceedingly nice if one of their representatives could answer in the thread with that info.
We got a confirmation in another thread that Arcane Armaments are simply false advert- misworded, so clarification helps.

Also, the poor new community team members.
They should demand a raise unless they were warned they were being hired right before a hurricane of effluence.


Barrels r free though… not purchased

Just so you know, funcom says it is intended to have storage but is not working as intended yet.

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So @darthphysicist was right all along. Thank you my fellow exile, for letting me know, I really appreciate your reply @TheCrazyness . It’s years now with @Croms_Faithful and others that we ask for more storaging options. It’s so sad that this update didn’t run correctly, you can’t understand how many surprizes are under the shadow of the hasty release! Devs are preparing all our wishes years now. I am totally going to buy it then, I really need it.


Is that storage and walls will disappear if we get the “not entitled” bug?

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Greetings Everyone,

If you are experiencing any issues with your purchases, please make sure you reach out to our team over on Zendesk as they will be able to help you out further.

You can either use the in game reporting system or the ticket form on this page.

Regarding the incorrect description on some items, we are aware of the issue, and currently working on a fix.

Thank you for your patience and understanding.



That is a really good question. Talk about breaking the game. So we download this massive game spend years building and collecting DLCs and the overarching monetary plan becomes must have internet connection or item fails to work. I mean it’s brilliant, but evil, and yeah paradigm shifting.

$10/month or you can’t access your storage. Thank you for expressing this shift for me, I have spent the majority of my Conan gameplay online, frantically redesigning offline, then implementing changes as resources allowed on Official.

But I always took solace that when things were buggy etc I had offline play to kill time and figure stuff out. Moving forward it looks as though that MAY become less and less of an option.

I have a clanmate who bought him some items from Bazaar. He decorated our base with them and the items look amazing. Clan has access to the items in the new cabinet as clanmates,

?as long as he is paid up?

I can use the amazing new Arcane Storage Cabinet, I can not however ride his newly skinned horse, even though it belongs to the clan. Just a heads up as to how access is working right now.

Both reasonable, but definitely not how someone casually observing the thing would think the game would behave. It’s all about the sneaky sneaky.


Don’t attack me for my naïveté in this guys, I know its a business, and everyone has to get paid…

I’m just saying @Senekht comment was an AH-HA moment for me.

And that’s why these forums are important, we’re just trying to figure out how this pretend world we share, pretend works, when its not locking up or blue screening.

(as always love you FUNCOM, don’t ban me!).


Forums are for feedback. Just try to remember feedback comes in two forms. Negative and Positive. You have to be for something as well as against something else. Let them know what you want and let loose the dogs of war.

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There’s also constructive feedback vs spewing non constructive bile. Constructive feedback, both good and bad, is great and can be worked with. Non constructive bile is useless.

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Non constructive bile is useless on the macro, in general.

Sufficient expression of abject loathing may draw attention to a problem. May.

There’s also the possibility it makes the venting spleen feel better. Which, if one is aggrieved and then takes action that blunts that discomfort, treating the symptom, rather than the cause, then it is as valid as some modern “medical” practices.

Negativity needs a release option. And with few healthy choices that are widely known/available, having a digital tantrum is sometimes the only remedy known.
Unfortunate, but an expectable consequence of frustration inducing issues.


@LostBrythunian, I agree.
They left open for discussion everything. It’s one of the most amazing things this company has, they allow us to speak isn’t it? @Damon does very well to express worries and asking for the old share system, or the old dlc system. Tbh I would mind either way, but if I could choose, I would definitely choose the old system, but I can’t.
At least I wish this new system gave them the oil they need to keep the lights on. I would really love to have this information, not for gossip, it would just make me happy to learn that they reached their goals.


I heard negativity is soluble in alcohol and my preliminary experimental results confirm it.


Bourbon leads to jazz, sir. Nothing more. :clinking_glasses:


Fermentation of merit is expensive, or time consuming.

Ranting online is included with the already purchased interweb connection.

How about the hunter’s tent that the description states can be made with no tools, all you need are the basic materials at hand. Guess what? It has to be made at an artisan bench.

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charity left when battle pass entered the scene…

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All skin items must be available offline and pickable\usable of every player…
Only advantage of buying loot SHOULD BE - ability to craft it any time, upgrade, repair