Bazaar shop and early access / twitch rewards

I believe some of you would say : its prizes and only those who participated worth to have those items … but, please at least consider this idea.

Why dear FUNCOM don’t add those items in bazaar shop ?
Early access items example - royal armor.
Twitch rewards example - watcher armor.
And every other item which are locked away because it was prizes.

I mean when i go to admin mod i see those items ,but i cant use them. Its annoying
Game doesn’t feel full. ~ tbh sometimes i even consider downloading cracked version just to be able to use all items in a game :skull_and_crossbones:

plz allow players to unlock twitch and early access items by shop. It can be cheap it can be expensive or even for free… i just want to be able to unlock.

thx for reading sorry for poor English.

It’s a bit off a catch 22.

People will put more effort into acquiring something that is so unique that only as few people have it. They’ll go on Twitch or buy it in the shop

When items became know as “it’ll be for sale eventually” people only buy it if they actually want it.

For example: If you paid for the battlepass you would have had an Ophidian Magi Cat. No other cat like that, so you fork over the $$$ for the battlepass.

But if battlepass items like Ophidian Magi Cat were eventually for sale in the bazaar, there would be no need to buy the battlepass.

what about buying those items for ability to use in offline game play ?
Technically it would be best solution …
Players who earn it could show of in servers and those who buy it can use only offline.
win win ?

Well, if you want to about offline game play (or even private servers) then you can install game mods.

Which are many times better than anything Funcom has released.

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