Bazaar tip - show the actual size of things!

I think I was also misled by the name of the item - IDOL. After all, the idols were big and they were worshiped, but this is just a religious figurine)

Not in the game… the idols are small:





Sadly yes, all of those are in fact rather small. But if someone did not know those were all named “idol” then again, you could understand why they would assume differently.

There really should be a preview function that doesn’t let you place the items, along with some minimal descriptions on interactibility and useability for items or actions it applies to.
The clothing and weapons i’d argue are already displayed properly (dyes being shown is a nice touch), though still lacking a stat display. Not that i’m bothered by that personally.

Like I said, the trial could be abused in single-player games, but the question is whether it would be enough to matter. Of all the Bazaar customers, how many play exclusively in single-player? Of those, how many would be content with placing trial items during an hour or two of trial window and then never being able to replace them?


And people have to wait 2 a 3 weeks before they release the review? I think we’re better off keeping an eye on the forums cause most of the time, someone buys the item the first day and if there are any issues, they’ll post about it.

We just all miss the big statues like in the Turanian and Argossean DLCs. What is the problem with making large statues on an Egyptian theme, rather than small useless figures (I have already made a lot of them and they are just lying around and not used. One day I decided to put them on a wall shelf) and after a while they disappeared)))) )) ))

So where should we put them?)))

Maybe add a preview option on the Bazaar page to show the scale of the item next to your character. There’s already armour and emote previews, shouldn’t be too difficult to implement


Make a scaled down replica of your base like Doc Brown did with Hill Valley.

I was going to suggest a banana for scale. In fact, I can provide a picture right now:
Compare this picture side by side with the picture in the Bazaar.



I found a place to put them)

But my request for large figures for the pyramid building set remains valid!))

They should add that in the same update that adds giraffes to the game :wink:

Yeah, but don’t expect them to be mounts.


Just launch a SP game, make yourself an Admin, switch on Creative Mode and here you are. I think 24 hours would be enough to try a new asset considering that all purchases are made ingame.

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Well, at least the picture of the full set that this cat figurine comes from shows everything in scale.


Usually i agree about the scale problem but this time it’s shown with a character so you do see the true size of the item.

The price on the other hand…Overpriced, as usual.

In the case of the OP, he bought the cat statue when it was sold alone with nothing to compare it with. :frowning:


Ah…i see, then i said nothing because it’s a recurring problem with several objects.

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