Bazzar item types that aren't very attractive and how to improve them

decorative warpaints - if they would be permanent I would buy them all, so i can decorate my thralls with them, but give their 4 hour cd, it’s a hard pass for me.

emotes - emotes that I cannot use on my thralls are useless to me, so I avoid them.

wall/floor paint - i rarely take them, if they make for nice decoration. Would love to see some modular paints that i can build something with, like pieces of a puzzle or paints i can connect to draw something bigger on my walls.

decoration objects that have no real use - here I would like to see more skins for crafting stations, containers that I can actually place stuf in.

Stuf that I haven’t seen yet:
- I would love to see more dance types for entertainers
- arrow skins with particle effects like ice arrows that leave a cold trail behind or have different sound effects when they hit something
- glowing eyes that can be used as a helmet skin
- make our human thralls look like players do with full corruption. That’s would be a cool look on a thrall wearing silent legion armor set.
- more jewelery like earings, circlets, leg/arm bracelets
- more hair styles


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