Be carefull with hack reports

An example from this morning.

  • they build a 2x1 building at the base of the elevator, but you can activate button from outside.
  • after you can quickly climb a wall near and jump on the elevator going up.
  • then up on the base send the elevator down and wait for them to go up.
  • kill and loot the first one who come up (2 spear hit and fall).

→ The player : a hacker enter my base, that is impossible ! I report.

Like this game :slight_smile:


An other example from some time ago.

  • big cave base, like gutter with many doors.
  • wait outside raid time they leave the base (because of thralls).
  • enter before the 20 doors close (20 seconds).
  • hide in the base, disconnect.
  • connect early in the morning when server is empty.
  • loot everything you can (exept loocked chests you can not)
  • escape with midnight potion (take ingredients with you first, and you need an alchemist bench inside).

→ The player : a hacker loot us outside raid time this morning, base is closed that is impossible !

Already done it fews times :slight_smile:


Thank you for these. It’s always good to be aware of the latest.

I took this one to heart after you posted it. I removed all alchemist benches from my house. I also have loadouts for raids that include the ingredients. (Clothing optional.)

Additionally, I became more communicative after raiding some fellows who put a treb nearby. Typically I stay mum, but they deserved an explanation. Otherwise they were getting huffy, as if to suggest I’d cheated when I slipped into their big dumb castle.

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Had smth relatively similar happening on pvp lol.
Someone who didnt play for a while logged in on his old base spot and looted our stuff coz we had made a new base there.

Same happened to me a couple times on some servers where i logged in after few weeks-off into enemy bases, could loot stuff and freely transfer to another server. Its a not so nice move tho.
But not hacking….

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Thanks you give me another idea. If you can not craft the midnight potion to escape … you can transfer to another server and come back 3 days later :slight_smile:

Wxcept now if they turn on health bars they have ahigher chance of seeing you hiding.

No, because there is no health bar if you are in sleeping state or disconnect.

Unless your are damaged.

Yes, but i am say8ng to sneak in you have to be online to actually get in first.

Not saying it is impossible, but it is more of cool player accomplishment and not a real tactic to count on.

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