Beard/hair colors are off since Siptah update. Funcom, please give back our blonde hair! (update with picture)

With Siptah hair and especially beard colors changed. Now while you can still get maybe desired color with hair by modifying your existing character, there is no matching beards as they are unnaturally dark (you cannot have blonde beard for instance).

Is this known bug, or what is going on?



I can confirm. My otherwise light blond hair is not dark grey. I would consider it a bug at this stage.

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Has there been any official word on this?

I have noticed the same, something seems very weird. Especially the parting of the hair looks weird to me now, it looks like it’s completely bald if I look at my character from the front but if I turn the camera up to see my character from the top, the hair in that spot starts to slowly reappear.
This is especially noticeable with blonde / light hair colors but even the darker hair colors have this issue if I look at it very closely.

So it seems we establish this is a bug, but where to exactly report it so it gets fixed?

Here with all the appropriate information you can muster. Screenshots could be a plus given the bug type.

This was a good suggestion, I changed the title to reflect the dire situation too :slight_smile:

All I want at this moment that it is acknowledged to be on SOON™ fixlist.

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This may seem minor, but it’s a big deal for a player with a well established character on a RP server.

It’s a stark difference from the character the player is invested in.

I realized there is bug report forum, so I moved the topic there. Please if everyone has anything to add to the topic to help Funcom to fix/reproduce it, post here:

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