Bearer thrall functionality and the 5th perk

What if bearer thralls were repurposed into harvesters when set to follow or guard.

Coded to ignore hostile Npcs/ Players and also coded to harvest nearby materials by attacking them with a tool in their inventory within aggro - vicinity

Increase their inventory slots to 150, give them innate natural survival perk 2 and 3 for increased harvesting
cap their higher end RNG HP to something around 1000.

And finally remove the 5th encumberance perk.

How would you feel?

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Hey, I don’t even need them to become harvesters if you’ll give them 150 inventory slots!

On the other hand, no follower will replace the 5th perk as long as there’s a substantial risk that you’ll irretrievably lose the follower and all they were carrying, for no reason.

So make them invulnerable to fall damage and lava, fix the AI a bit so they don’t keep getting in the way and give them 100+ inventory slots, and I’m sold.

The harvester behavior doesn’t sound bad, but it’s meh compared to my own ability to harvest. And harvesting while on guard won’t work for technical reasons – the game won’t actually run the AI if there are no players in the vicinity.

If I had to ask for some kind of special behavior, here’s what I would ask for: when a bearer is following you, make the harvesting action put the resulting mats in their inventory instead of yours. :man_shrugging:

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My suspicion is this would cause lag in much the way having too many thralls is a problem. The thrall would need a path and put more than a few in one place and it would probably be like having a bunch of torches too close together.

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It was a rough idea. It can be modified and balanced. I really just wanted to explore a different avenue that involved separating mass farming from encumberance in general.

Immune to fall damage and lava would be necessary. Idea can’t work without this. The “mule” needs some sort of protection against in-game elements that aren’t up to par. Like weird under mesh teleports and bad pathing

The thrall harvesting can be done without easily enough considering you can just farm yourself an place inside the inventory.

Maybe a radial option that you can set to “hold” or “load follower” on the bearer that moves items that would’ve gone into your inventory goes directly to your thrall while you harvest once activated. Similar to follow but with “items moved to thrall” happening at the same time

Won’t even need to change their attack behaviour at all or the code involving that
since it’s very true a player would be far better at farming quickly instead of buggy a.i

Bearer tiers could have different inventory slots available and slight increases in HP by tiers.

T1 = 50 slots
T2 = 100 slots
T3= 150 slots.
T4 = 200 slots

Could put a bearer inside a bearer for a larger mass farming run if needed. Potential for 400 inventory slot farming run. With a send home command that would return them to last guard position after some time passes.
while you place another bearer and continue your farming run with bearer #2 (pve people)

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