Beast-Tamer Varet the Accursed - no longer fighting

Game mode: Single-player
Type of issue: Bug
Server type: PvP
Region: [Please enter your server region]

Going to capture some thralls with Varet, he stops fighting after the use of a heavy truncheon. He’s just standing in defensive position, and observing the ongoing fight around.
Back home, the weapon and shield can’t be removed from his hands anymore. For the moment he’s stancing at base.

Singleplayer, no mods used.

  1. Go capture some thralls more
  2. Give Varet a heavy truncheon
  3. give him back his weapon
  4. next fight, Varet don’t fight anymore
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Yep, can’t use shields. Thrall behavior with shields is very buggy and can result in them getting stuck in blocking stance indefinitely. When the threats around him are eliminated command him to stop and unequip the shield.

Can’t be unequiped, that’s the thing.
Mostly what i do. But he was coming with one, starmetal, so i let him it. He did well for several runs, but now he has a spleen. One more that will have to live without pineapples now !

Have you used the commands and issued “Stop”? That should remove them from combat and allow you to unequip it. The other things I’ve done when they get stuck like that is kill everything they’re agro to myself. Once dead I’ve had them drop out of block stance. If neither of those work I’m at a loss. Maybe try to catch them after a server reset and remove the shield before they can get stuck in defensive?

Yup, tried all commands.

Not looking for a workaround, it’s just a report, no worries.
He will do well again after a while, server or game relaunch, but it’s bit bad when you want stop your run. Poked him several time to, but he only say “ouch”. :rofl:

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One of my thralls did the same the other day. I couldn’t even take the armour off him. Was like it till server reset.

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He gets a little finicky when given a shield every once in a while, sometimes just holding it up and playing peekaboo. I do a figure 8 dance to put him between myself and the enemies and he then realizes he needs to get his butt in gear. He came with a Star Metal Mace and Star Metal Shield and pulled attitude, I replaced them with a Grey Ones Mace and Shield, and same result. Most of the time he fights fine, but when gets lazy, I either do the drag tactic like mentioned above, or take care of the enemies myself and then go beat him about the head and neck with Lovetap and he seems to snap out of his malaise.

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Agree, mostly he does fine, but he has some impossible days. Maybe also he didn’t like my truncheon, who know’s !

Shields are tricky, not only for Varet, they seems confuse them at some moment. Let’s admit, our thralls can be quickly confused, after all the hits they got in the past.

He isn’t the brightest bulb on the island. If you do the full heavy combo with the shield bash at the end, it sends him flying and most of the time is enough to get his attention.

Now, Captain Ermetius, on the other hand, is on time and on target all the time.

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Agree, he’s not the smartest, but i wanted him reach lvl 15 to see the next perk. But this may waite, i love mostly run around with one of my wights. They’re fun, i love the laugh they have, and the constant mood to kill everybody in range.

He accepted that he’s too strong and is waiting for a nerf. Don’t judge him too hard. Thralls have feelings too. :sweat_smile:


Hey @Vattende

We’ve sent your feedback to our team, to see if they can knock some sense back into Varet.

Thanks for the heads-up.


it happens to any thralls with Shields. At least in my game (official server) it’s a logic problem not specific to varet


100% agree ! Had this with different thralls over time, the shield-holders are the worst for that, but happens also with other thralls.

Also now, my dancers seems no more concerned when a purge is incoming, they dance like still when all burns around. :woman_shrugging:


Took Varet out yesterday evening for an extended walk, whenever he started his baby games (peekaboo from behind his shield), I equipped Lovetap and a shield to remind him of his duties. It worked like a charm every time.

Same thing with the ‘can’t unequip bug’, when the follower will not allow you to switch their weapon or take it out of their inventory. Very selfish if you ask me and nothing like a re-acquaintance with Lovetap to set them straight. After a good beating, they listen to reason.

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Will try that. :rofl:
Had the case with some other named accursed, all these coming with shield and mace do the same.

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