Beast targeting lock

So I’ve been playing Conan Exiles for a few days and I noticed something that is always bothering me.

When you are targeted by an animal/boss or whatever and you roll to one side, or get behind them, their targeting lock (I’m not sure what you call it) just flips them automatically towards you without an animation indicating any sort of effort. I cannot in my good mind believe that Rockslide can turn 360 degrees in a split second with its enormous size and undoubtedly weight and just absolute crush me before I even recover from my roll.

If I may suggest perhaps adding animations or something to these beasts so that they actually turn slowly and more realistically (can I say that regarding a video game about a rock monster?) so that we have a visual cue. That would be way more appealing than having to dodge around a boss only to see them locked on and turning with you in a static motion as if they’re mocking you. No point in even dodging at that point, might as well just take the hits. :cry:

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This would not only provide us a visual cue and another strategy element to spice them up, but also can emphasise their personality.

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