Beastmaster Teimos Not Spawning

Game mode: [Online ]
Problem: [ Misc]
Region: [North America]

It was recently brought to our attention from a player that Beastmaster Teimos is not spawning. I turned up respawn and wiped the animal trainer camp about 20 times, it never spawned. I finally gave up and just admin spawned one in for now as a temp fix for the next person to go there.
Server is Gates of Ember

Steps on how to reproduce issue:

  1. Unsure, we recently wiped the server due to performance issues after going for two years without a wipe.

I haven’t had him not spawn before myself, is there something spawning in his spot or no spawn at all?

Nothing spawning there, but all the archers spawn just fine.

Seems like maybe a hidden foundation around, can you check for land claim?

Hello @kensandy, could you please verify if there’s no claim in the area he’s supposed to spawn in? You could use a building piece in placement mode to verify if other players have built nearby, since player claim areas block the spawn of NPCs and resources.

he is spawning on official, i can confirm, now lot of people focus of him, as he is best thrall, 75% prob of spawn.

This is fixed, I have no idea what caused it or what fixed it, but after the sixth daily restart of the server after the server wipe, it started spawning.

We have the server to restart at 4am EST every day.


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