Beating a dead horse but

I count 43 Official PvP American servers in my list of options. ALL at 40/40. That’s 1,720 players right now… what the??? I cannot fathom how this makes ANY sense AT ALL. Please Funcom, please, is there something you can do to help us out here? Bump the server cap even by 10 players would add more than 20% to the capacity - but still, just adding more servers would be fantastic. I know multiple people who are waiting for hours to just auto-join. The demand for your great game is there. Please help us out.

Thank you.

I said the same thing earlier
20k Playing for 100 servers. it’s worse for me because of the ping restriction I get 20 pvp severs to play on they are all 40/40 for last 24hrs! They made the same Mistake at ea Launch I didn’t get to play constantly until 3 weeks after release. They dropped the ball.

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Yep. I figure the more people posting the better - you know the saying “squeaky wheel…”

Closing this since it is actively being addressed.