Beating an old issue to death, but here we go

So after 5000 hours in game, I’m a bit wore out with it, but I still think its a great game overall. My issue is that since I don’t play that much anymore, I still have to log in every week to maintain my buildings etc. I like to still play occasionally but not so much that I have to log in every 6 days. I would ask Funcom to seriously consider a 10 to 14 day decay system vs 6 days. Still the best game ever, thanks Funcom.


I know your feeling.
The long-game wears one down, and the longer you maintain the base, the harsher it will be when your Internet has an outage for a week, your laptop breaks, or you are exiled into vacation somewhere in the boonies, after building an empire on an official server that’d make Caesar blush.

But heads up. They are adding (have added) gameplay loops that justify the investment of your greater participation.

I would like to add though, that the classic purge timer kept me on my toes, and made me come back to make changes to my base for purge defense. Now it’s easy to go into complete maintenance mode…but it’s oh so boring. I can see where you’re coming from.

At the beginning I was for a 6 day decay timer, because I had this griefer on the server whome I whole heartedly wish would forget to refresh his stuff. I was hoping he’d burn out from having to return so much to refresh things.

But then I realized that people aren’t eroded by repetition. They are eroded by attention span.

Either you are interested in something, or you are not. The grind has nothing to do with it. The grind merely adds value to the endeavor.

So i’m actually ok with people requesting a higher decay duration, because if people quit, they quit proper. Not just quit a little bit.

People who are on maintenance mode are just waiting for something new, and it is those people a higher decay would benefit the most.

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