Bed not bound bug

**Game mode:Online official
**Type of issue: Bug
**Server type: PvE-Conflict
**Region: EU

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1.Log in to server, spawn on bed
2.Bed is unbound
3.Press E on bed to bound
4.Log out and in again, repeat

Same on testlive EU2

Edit: No practical issue, just visuals but confusing
I have checked only double bed

I and others reported this issue a while ago. The bedroll also does not show you are bound to it after server reset.
I had tested if I would be able to select the double bed as a spawn point even though it said I was not bound to it when I looked at it … and I found I could. So it’s a visual bug on the double bed/bedroll.
So not exactly related to the other persistent bug of not being able to respawn at bed/bedrolls you are bound to.


Hey there @Fixi, thank you for submitting this issue!

Although our team is already aware of it, we’ll be forwarding the information you’ve just shared to them.

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